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When I was at Linz, a bunch of people made me provide a list of all of the applications that I'm running on my Mac. I realize I do this to people too. I've seen people make lists of their favorite applications on their blogs, but I realized that it might be better to do on a wiki. I've made a list of my favorite applications. Feel free to click on any of the application links and comment on the page for the application. Also, feel free to make a similar page for yourself and list YOUR favorite applications. If we can get a bunch of people on the wiki with their lists, it might end up being an interesting resource.

Is there something like this elsewhere already?


It might be cool to do a collection similar to for Mac OS X.

Is mic4joi available for download? or is it a custom utility? It sounds intriguing.

Hi Joi... what about managing photos/pictures, surely you must have a few digital ones.
Or do you use Flickr or the browser in Photoshop CS? I was surprised not to see iPhoto on the list.

Yes. I do use iPhoto a lot. I just didn't put it on because I thought it was obvious. Maybe I should.

Ted Laung has an extensive list of applications and some tips.

In 2002, Beat Doebeli started to describe his "PersonalInfoStructure" on his wiki (in german): . It's not only software, but also hardware and other essential gadgets.

I started a collection with similar pages (most of them in german language)

ok like a cat amongst the pigeons is the Mac a pure aesthetc choice from the perspective of "form over function", or in relation to this is the PC a slave of the human race, and the Mac is the guiding light to seperate us from the Mass...?

Here's mine, though I need to update it to include Ecto less I incur the wrath of Adriaan...

Joi, how's is the experiment going? It seems to me that the wiki platform you used in is current form has some limitations impeding externals participation. I'm used to wikimedia so maybe is not fair to compare, but just to note a few things: wikilinks don't visually show pages filled vs pages empties; there's not a quick link to know what links to a particular page (an easy way to find related stuff on an unknown/non categorized wiki).

Anyway someone else compiled a list?

Antonio, still need more people, but set up registration so that slows things down a bit. The links without pages are shown with dotted lines. Pages have solid lines.

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