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According to The Lantern, LaRouche founded Wikipedia.

LaRouche, an outspoken political activist, set the record for consecutive attempts at the presidency by running eight times. He started, a Web site functioning as both a free encyclopedia and a wiki community, which allows users to add information to posted articles. He is known to be a promoter of conspiracy theories and has frequently been accused of being a fascist and an anti-Semite - claims he has denied. In 1988 he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for conspiracy, mail fraud and tax code violations but served only five.
I DID NOT KNOW THAT. So who was that Jimbo guy I met in Linz. Hmmm...


On October 4, 2004, an article titled “LaRouche PAC group sings, shouts, argues with Bush supporters” was published in The Lantern, the student newspaper at the Ohio State University. The published form of the article contained a terrible inaccuracy – Lyndon LaRouche was mistakenly credited as the founder of, the popular free online encyclopedia. Its founder is actually Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales, an Internet entrepreneur based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Newspaper articles pass through the hands of various editors before publishing, a fact that the public often is not aware of. The original copy of the article submitted to The Lantern contained information about LaRouche obtained from and attributed to Without the knowledge of other editors, a copy editor changed the article and inserted the erroneous information. The mistake was subsequently printed and published online.

The author of the article and a frequent Wikipedia user, Joktan Kwiatkowski, took up the issue with The Lantern immediately after discovering the mistake and also arranged for corrections to be made in print and online form following correspondence with Wales. However, the article was referenced in many weblogs and message boards, and Kwiatkowski was unfairly ridiculed and characterized as inaccurate.

The article was the first submitted by Kwiatkowski to The Lantern, and he received an apology from the paper over the incident. He has contacted bloggers that circulated the article, and some have already extended their support in an effort to help clear his name.


That Jimbo guy must be an agent sent by the Illuminati, sponsored by the Belgian and Israeli postal service to influence the US presidential and vote!

'Jimbo' is the American translation of 'LaRouche'.

I note that it says that LaRouche founded, not, which is the real one. Wasn't at one point owned by someone other than the people?

maybe i'm the only one, but i have no idea who founded wikipedia, and after reading this post i was left still wondering. was that sarcasm? i gather from the other comments that it probably was. i don't know how i'd know that from what you wrote, though.

Sorry about the ambiguity Scott. Yes. Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales founded Wikipedia. I have no idea what The Lantern was thinking... You can read about LaRouche on Wikipedia...

I don't really care who this Jimbo guy is. LaRouche however, is really quite a genious if you ask me.