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One of the difficulties with Creative Commons licenses for music and images is that the images and the music are often copied or forwarded without the licenses. By embedding the license information inside of the mp3 or jpeg data itself, it makes it easier to keep the license attached to the file.

Nathan has just released
a nice drag and drop embedded license lookup tool. See the page about metadata embedding on the CC site for more information on our thoughts on this issue.


I checked the link to the embedded info but couldn't find anything about embedding the info into the jpeg data. Is there a way to piggyback it into the EXIF data?

I think the idea is to put it in the EXIF data. Probably more info on the mailing list. Let me try to find out.

An image annotation tool - using Javascript to read and create RDF (no licence data yet:

mixes licence info in the rdf:

vvgallery marries oscommerce and gallery to provide a store for stock photography and digital media libraries. Dublin Core, Creative Commons licenses, RSS, and RDF

This gallery is enhanced with Authena XML (AXML)--basically just an RSS feed containing links to the pictures and rights descriptions expressed by the Dublin Core and CC licenses.

JpegRDF reads and manipulates RDF metadata stored in JPEG images

Manipulate RDF in JPEG images

Describing and retrieving photos using RDF and HTTP

In order to integrate the image and its description more closely, this document discusses some ideas such as how to extract Exif data, how to embed RDF in an image file, etc.

In all, not much specific to creative commons, but the path seems clear.

Thanks! I'll dig into it. I'm trying to use my photoblog as my CC testbed to see if anyone uses the stuff I post for consumption so any tricks that I run across I'm willing to give a go.

For SVG, inkscape supports embedding of RDF inside the
images. After all it is a question of namespaces, and
SVG was designed to be used with namespaces.

This is used by the people to state the
public domain status of their contributions. The information is lost when exported as png, though.