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Photo by Paul Saffo
via Dvorak
Photo sent in by the ever-travelling Paul Saffo with this note: “I encountered these machines on a recent trip, and couldn’t help but note that their message says it all. And no, it is not retouched or photoshopped.”

I’m thinking of the Tom Hanks movie, Terminal, where Hanks is told the country is “closed.”

I watched The Terminal on the flight to Paris because I knew it was about Merhan Karimi Nasseri stuck in Charles de Gaulle Airport. I didn't realize that the movie was set in the US and the story totally "rebuilt". I enjoyed the movie, but it was definitely Hollywoodified and wasn't based on the Merhan Karimi Nasseri story, but rather just inspired by it.


Check this out. Quentin Tarantino is making a Japanese gangster movie. The screenplay was leaked to the internet.

Please call again.

hey, stumbled across your site from .. really liked some of your entries, keep it up!

Thanks for the great picture and the tip with the film.. i've not yet seen it :-(
Greetings from Austria

As an avid Film and DVD lover, I find that more and more today our movies are recycled just like our news.

New 'scary' movies such as The Ring and The Grudge are just amazing japanese movies turned into americanized pulp that should be labled "Not fit for human consumption".

I even recall that one of the successfull classic american movie The Magnificent Seven was ripped from a Japanese movie called (I Think?) Seven Samurai.

Is this a trend?
Hey Joi, why can't Japanese writers go direct to the big screen in the US?
Do you know any Japanese screenwriters that have been successfull in the US or is it 'Off Limits'?

iimagine, "Magnificent Seven" was indeed based on Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai." Several Clint Eastwood movies were based on other Kurosawa works ("Fistful of Dollars" = "Yojimbo"). "Star Wars" is supposedly based on "Hidden Fortress".

But you're only telling half the story, because many of Kurosawa's works were in fact inspired by early American westerns! So, you had Americans inspiring a Japanese director that went on to inspire other Americans (or Italians, in the case of Sergio Leone). And of course, Kurosawa's "Ran" was inspired by Shakespeare.

So the idea that Americans are just recycling other people's cultures doesn't quite hold. Everyone is a thief when it comes to art.

Thanks for the amazing picture!


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