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Susan Crawford is providing very good blow by blow coverage of the ICANN meeting on her blog. My apologies for not blogging anything substantive. I'm still doing a lot of listening and don't have enough context make intelligent statements. I'll try to write a summary after the entire meeting. Anyone else blogging ICANN?

It would be great if all of the different constituents would blog since ICANN can only be understood by listening to all of the perspectives.

Also, as I posted earlier, the meeting is being webcast. There are a bunch of public forum meetings with an open mic for anyone to ask questions to ICANN staff and board which is quite interesting. I wonder if there is a "newbie guide to ICANN" since many meetings require context to understand. I'm hanging out on #icann on when I'm in the meetings and I will try get answers to any questions that I am capable of answering.

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Susan Crawford bloggt direkt vom ICANN-Meeting, welches gerade vom 1.-5. Dezember in Kapstadt stattfindet. Eigentlich soll auch alles per Webcast Read More