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I'm getting an error that says "Your account is currently suspended" when I try to log into my joiitosk AIM account. Does anyone know what this error means and how I resolve it?

Update: Article in eWeek about this, but it doesn't say whether AOL is going to give us our accounts back. Thanks to Cours for the link.


It might be a hoax. A bunch of friends have said they're getting messages from "AlM Messenger Service" (that's a lowercase L, not an uppercase I in AIM) tonight.

That happened to me too. I couldn't log in to either and couldn't find any way to get help. I finally gave up and made a new account.

Good to read that this is not only happenign to me!

I receive the message: Your sign on has been blocked.
Also having sent the password to me ends in an error message

The Intelligence Reform Bill.

Happened to me, too, Joi. I have an AIM account that I use for office hours with students, and suddenly I can't login to it--I get a message that it's been blocked from signing in.

Hopefully you'll get an answer here--I can't find anywhere on the AIM web site that tells me how I can get it unblocked, or even find out why it was blocked to begin with. :(

I too have been horribly annoyed by this. I contacted AOL technical support and here is their reply:

Dear Byrne,

I understand from your recent e-mail that you are having difficulties with the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service.

This is a temporary problem with the AIM service and should be resolved shortly.

If you continue to have problems, please exit AIM and reboot your computer. After your computer has restarted, please try logging on again.

If you continue to experience problems with the service, please write back with the time and date each error occurred. Please be sure to send the exact error message you received.

This information will allow me to track down the problem quicker and get the issue resolved faster.

If you need assistance through telephone, you may call us at our toll-free number: 1-800-827-6364. Calling early in the day usually reduces the waiting time to speak to a consultant.

Nho D.
AOL Customer Care Consultant

AOL Help is an electronic "Help Manual" that you can use to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about AOL. Please visit AOL Keyword: Help or go to this site:

----------original message----------

Name: Byrne Reese

Message: I am using AIM, but for some reason my account is suspended and I am no longer able to IM. My am not under 13. I am not an AOL customer. And I have not violated to ToU as far as I know. How can I possibly reactivate my account?

Cool Cours. Thanks! They should start sending trackbacks when they link. ;-)

Seem like I am been locked out too.

Two of my account names didn't work either. I got this message saying they were blocked. I clicked on the more information page and they said my account was blocked for a number of reasons. One reason was that they don't allow people 13 and younger to use IM, but if you're older you can reset your account. I clicked on that link and signed into my account again, then tried AIM and it worked!

According to the article they are working on it. I would assume they will have things fixed soon.

This happened to my account in October but now, I wonder if my initial suspicion (that AOL terminated our accounts at for commercial use) was correct. Is this solely a December issue or does it go back into October?

I just wanted to chime in and add that I have a number of IM accounts cancelled. I am glad to hear that it wasn't just me.

If anyone has a direct e-mail address or phone number with extention for anyone at AOL that can help please let me know. Their tech support won't even address the issue of my SN that I can't get back on... Please let me know, thanks.

hmm... if AOL deleted everyone's account, maybe they would switch to MSN.

Google really ought to put together an IM service.

(my AIM account also blocked)

Grrr... AOL is slowly bleeding at the neck. It is only time now.


I got this in my inbox. Do you know anything about it? The URL in there doesnt work, and I didnt do anything abnormal with my account... It looks very sketchy... "that" has a space in it, and there's some anti-spam asterisk at the end... Anyone else get this?

From: AOL Instant Messenger []
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2004 9:08 AM
To: ______EMAIL_ADDRESS________
Subject: AIM Account suspended!

AIM User,

We have detected that the AIM Screen Name ____SCREEN_NAME______ associated with this email address has been used in a way tha t violates the terms and conditions of the AOL Instant Messenger service. Because of these violations, AOL has suspended the use of this screen name. If you believe that this suspension has occurred in error, please fill out the form located at By providing accurate information, you will enable us to properly investigate the situation.


The AOL InstantMessenger Team*

*Please note this e-mail is not a commercial e-mail and is intended only to provide official notice about an AOL Instant Messenger account identified with this e-mail address.

just came here from the eweek article..

it happened to me too!

I also fell victim to this. I guess I have the same concerns as the others: how will I know it is fixed, are they going to know I am affected without me telling them, are my buddy lists going to survive?

Still nothing posted on the page about this either.

In stereotypical AOL style let me add a "me too". I tired to follow the link Alex provided above but it did not work for me, even if I corrected the spelling. Anyone have the correct link?

AOL dropped me this week as well...Just brutal.

Our whole lab at dug through my computer to find the bug or fix for it. I eventually started up a new IM handle that will actually be better for me in the long run.

For you astrologers...Perfect example of Mercury retrograde...;)

Thanks for the article in eWeek. Explains it, but let's see if I get my old handle back.


Isn't using AOL anything a curse anymore?

Yep, happened to 2 out of my 4 names. Happened to most of my friends, many as 5 out of 6 names. I'm not sure the total percentage of users affected (right now it's looking like maybe 25% or 30%) but it's definitely not a "small number" as the AOL representative claimed in the eWeek article.
It's just amazing that they haven't even put it up on the site.

The problem appears to be growing. I have two accounts. Two days ago, one account became inaccessible. Just this afternoon (Friday, December 10), the second account also became inaccessible.

Note also the growing number and content of the comments on the eweek article site.

Well, these things tend to look bigger than they are percentage-wise because people only post when they have problems. I just tried two AIM accounts - mine, and my wife's - and neither has a problem.

I was extrememly frustrated with Aim. It said that "my name was blocked" ...... luckily my friend showed me that link to the eweek news. Thank god, because I called AOL and they didn't know anything about it and couldn't help me at all.

Doesnt matter if it was small percentage wise - the fact that there is no support number or email address that would even look into the issue is just not acceptable.
This affected my address for over 2 weeks and contacting every available support number / email (even the pay ones!!) no one would even look into the issue.
Got to say if I was American the words 'class suit' would come to mind...

I also have lost access to one of my aim accounts.\

"Sign on blocked click info for more details"
url of that page is

Hope they have this backup by Monday. Looks like a lot of people are down to me

yea....i also got that error....i heard they will reactivate the accounts that were banned by monday...HOPEFULLY.

Had exactly the same problem with my account (an account that I've had for a fair few years now) and similarly, could not find a contact email address.

I 'spoke' to someone via AOL's Live Chat [] and was told that I could contact them directly via AIMSUPPORT@AOL.COM, so I sent them an email on Thursday (9th Dec). I've not as yet received any reply - I thought that might be because I'm not an AOL customer just an AIM user, but after reading other responses/articles it just looks like their support is simply very poor...

Anyway, at least now I know it's not just me :)

Yeah my account was blocked recently...
AOL is aware of the situation and say that they should have a fix by Monday.,1759,1738308,00.asp

Only moments after detecting that I was not the only one having this problem (thought this was a client/os-specific problem, since I'm neither using AIM client software, nor Win* platform), my account auto-magically reactivated itself :-)

Can't test it at the moment though, since no buddy yet available (again).

Rather strange thing -- I'm considering deactivating my account myself and tell everybody about it, to avoid this happening again. My buddies must have thought me being deaf or dead!

Two of my accounts have been randomly suspended, too... since last Wednesday! I have a few very important messages with my Netscape e-mail account but, because my AIM screennames aren't working, cannot access them. It is very frustrating and I have decided that, once everything is resolved (soon, hopefully), I am going to open an IM/e-mail account with another service; AIM is not reliable! Anyway, glad to know that I'm not in this alone. Good luck with your accounts, everybody!

My account was also banded I hope to get it back soon

Thank God I found this site! I’ve been going crazy all day trying to figure out what was going on. I hadn’t logged in for a couple days (a rarity for me) and when I tried to login this afternoon, I got an error saying “suspended account.” I went to but all I found was a faq page that said accounts get suspended due to age requirements or ToS violations. I was baffled because all I’d used the account for was chatting, I hadn’t violated any rules, and I hadn’t suddenly decided to change my age. I tried to contact someone about it, but I couldn’t find any contact information on AIM’s web page. I finally found the phone number for AOL’s support services, but it was a member’s only number. Luckily, I had signed up for a free trial a few days before and was able to use that account information to jump through the hurdles thrown at me by the annoying automated system. When I was finally able to talk to an actual human being, they guy told me that he couldn’t help me because AOL and AIM were separate services. He said he’d transfer me to AIM’s support service, but when the next agent answered, I got some annoying woman asking me if I’d like to try an AOL free trial. I explained that I already had one and was just trying to get information about my suspended AIM account, and she told me that she didn’t have any connection to AIM and that she’d never even used the service. She then launched into a sales pitch to try and sell me upgrades for my trail account. Eventually after politely listening to her sales pitch, she transferred me to someone else who wanted to sign me up for some free trial thing with a family tree site or something. Finally, I told the guy that I didn’t want anything and that I’d only called to get help and got a sales pitch instead. With that, he ended the call less than enthusiastically and I hung up. Seemingly defeated, I took to surfing the net again, in hopes that I might find a way to contact AIM and that’s when I found this site and an explanation to all this madness. I’m so glad I finally know what’s going on. I’m really annoyed though that AOL didn’t help me when I called them and that they failed to address such a major glitch. Their actions don’t seem very trustworthy to me and you all can bet that I’m canceling that trial. No way would I want to do any business with a company that has such poor standards of customer service. I just hope I can get my buddy list back. I’ll have to message everyone I know and tell them I’m switching to Yahoo…

damn i was scared my name was gone for good, i thought i did something wrong or something just glad its coming back tomorrow

Yea, my account was "banned" too. The article said it would be fixed by monday, and if its not I'm going to be very angry. What makes it even worse is I paid for AIM for my palm that day and thought that there was something wrong with my network that i couldn't sign on.

Me too. I am blocked and I want to know what is going on and why I can't sign on to my account!!

looks like im not the only one who cant sign in to AIM. whatever is wrong i hope they fix it soon.

it's Monday and my account is still not working!

Does anyone have any updates on this that they can share?

For those of you thinking about switching services, take a look at Jabber. It is an open-source protocol, so they are never going to deactivate your account. AIM has had this problem, and Yahoo recently changed their protocol to thwart all non-yahoo clients. MSN, I think, still deactivates their accounts after only a month of disuse.

my account is STILL not working, and it's Monday.

when do we get our accounts back????

My account isn't back yet, and I can't even open a new one. It says it can't connect to AIM's server. What's the deal. Is there anywhere we can all write to and force AOL to make a news release?

My account has been suspended too. It has happened to my friends, as well as myself. It even says that my password is incorrect, but refuses to send a reminder to my account! This is the most frustrating and annoying nusiance ive had to put up with in months! And the lack of contact info. on the site is not a big help either. Will they be able to give us our account back, with our buddy list intact?

omg!!! its monday and not in the morning mondays almost over and this better b fixed or else...i donno but im getting pissed

I was my account back. I still have my password saved and it will not let me log in still Sign in Blocked. It has ben down for a few days now and Hope it comes back soon I have another aol account but it's not my primary one. It refuses to send me email reminder for my password also and does not let be re check the age thing becuase it says my password is incorect.

I wany my other Aim name back and will do anything to get it back.

Its monday night and nothing has happened... did anyone get their account reactivated because i haven't.

this is such crap....its monday night and its still not working...

Monday it´s over and I can´t login to my suspended account. Does anybody know why the only place where you can find some information about this problem is

Tuesday morning, i have all my accounts back but two(my main ones!) what gives? Why is AOL so hush hush about this? Give us an update, something.

How odd the only place to get info on this is off the AIM/AOL site.

my screenname has been blocked for like 2 weeks now...and when i try and call a representative from AOL to figure out when i might be able to get it back...they tell me to go to and that i can be helped there..but of course..i can't

Well, all mine are back. Best to you all to get yours.

ok its tuesday and my account is still blocked does anyone know why its not fixed yet?.... this sux the only reason y im keeping aim is cuz everyone else has it and there wouldnt be anyone to talk to on other things or else i would switch

ok, people who got heir accounts back already. Did you have to tell AOL that you were having problems, or did they just fix it? Mine isn't back up yet. Do I have to let AOL know that my SN is affected?

mine is still not back up. such bullshit. I have a feeling that its not coming back. I had my hopes up though.

hey i finaly got it to work and no i didnt have to tell aol anything it just finaly worked im so glad now hope your comes bak too

Mine isn´t working, hope that we all get our accounts back soon. Did you (the ones that have their accounts back) get any apology by email???

John. I think some people contacted AOL. I think others have just noticed it working again. It appears random as far as I can tell. Abel, I did not receive an apology personally. I think they just apologized on their website. They have not, as far as I know, apologized yet to the people who they weren't able to fix on Monday.

Finally It is working....

Well, it is now officially Wednesday night and still no AIM. Anyone else still not back up yet?

john, i still havent gotten pissed

Hey I'm from Germany and have the same problem. Still 90% of my names are down. Have anybody an idea, when the are finished with reactivation, I want my names back.

mine's still down. wtf.

yep me too heather....lets have sex while we wait :o

i go on aim all the time. I forget my password but i have my 2 usernames linked but i cant do anything with the 1. my email adress changed. i have my other sn updated. but is there anyway to find out my other sn's password.

ahh finally! i fixed my sn....i was on my sidekick and my sn went off....i tried my password 10 times and it didnt work so i checked my mail and it said the same message bout being suspended....hmm i googled it and found this site and researched....i decided to click 'forgot password' and created a new password and tried worked! my sn's back on and alive baby

hope this helps you all

Uh.. This just happened to me and at least one of my friends.

Started yesterday, Jan 18

Is this going to be a monthly AIM "fuck off" ritual?

I've heard from others that leads me to believe that it's not just me. Maybe this is going to become a monthly random hosing issue. Maybe they need a swift kicking, but I'd think they'd learn their lesson the first time.

I have witnessed a total of 6 accounts of mine get suspended and/or blocked in the past month. The weird things is people's reports of this were in early December. Is this still going on? I lost 3 of these accounts yesterday.

Just happened to me about five days ago. I friggin' hate AOL.

I've had 20 colleagues who have their passwords reset every day. WTF is AOL doing? Anyone else having to frequeltny reset aol passwords?

My screenname gets locked every day causing me to reset the password.
I suspect this is because I am using Miranda and not the native AOL client that takes half of the screen and pushes the nasty ads.
AOL sucks! Can't wait to see these loosers go out of business.

thank god, i thought i was crazy. I have also been having my password reset daily for weeks, and today it finally decided that my account was "suspended" and quit sending me the password.

ya i called aol noboyd will help . my email was reset to an email address from 1999 when i was back in college.

this is insane. they are like makea new name. im like i cant that name was associated with my business. im on the verge of suing aol. this is insane!!!!!!

ya i called aol noboyd will help . my email was reset to an email address from 1999 when i was back in college.

this is insane. they are like makea new name. im like i cant that name was associated with my business. im on the verge of suing aol. this is insane!!!!!!

I have been blocked. How long is this going to go on ? Its flippin March.

Yeah sue aol. This is BS!!! I have lost TWO screen names to this!

my aol s/n is working fine on aol but now all of a sudden its not working for aim but its stilll working for aol. i called aol they transfered me to 3 different numbers and they were about to send me to a fourth but i told him i had already talked to the customer support line he was sending me to. they are no help and half of them need to take some speaking classes or aol needs to hire somebody that speaks clearly and doesnt talk like they just came to america.

Well its good to see i am not alone in a march raid... I just got suspended about an hour ago, called AOL only to deal with their idiot tech support. Let us pray they just give up, die, and Google takes over.

Heh, I just got cut off in mid-chat with a friend who I haven't been able to catch online for two weeks. I check my inbox, SUSPENDED!

This is the second time for me. The last one was a week and a half ago. In both cases I have reported that my account was suspended for no reason and the last time the password reset worked.

Not this time. Is AOL just trying to kill AIM?

It was working fine for me last night and I woke up to get the message "Sign on blocked". WTF! Any word on how long this is gonna take to fix. This is the only sn I use.

it just happened to me, too...i IM'd someone, and then AIM signed me off and when i tried to sign back on, i got the sign on block message. the link that it gives you 'for more information' takes me to AOL's homepage. i created a new screenname after trying for about 20 minutes and finally got on w/a new screenname, but i don't have my buddy list or any of my settings from the other acct. and of course i can't export them because i can't even get in w/that acct.


ya clearly they dont wanna address fixing this problem so they are just going to ignore it. the only way i can see anyone getting their screen names back is by figuring out an exploit to crack into their accounts. this sucks ass!!! fucking aol.

I've been talking to a bunch of people, and randomly I get booted off with a message that you've all gotten in the past. I'm able to sign on any other screen name except the one I always use. I do not have the same buddy list elsewhere to get all the names back. Should I assume it will be fixed? I don't want to make a new screen name..


ARG..I to have fallen prey to this annoyance only I was signed on for ahwile this weekend and just today (Sunday)after I signed off it will not allow me to sign back on...

.....yeah this is cool.... mine just got blocked today. (sunday)

this is the 2nd time my SN has been blocked like's BS and AOL/AIM totally blow. i just called an AOL support line and they said that AIM does not have a technical/customer support line. the only support system they have is via which sucks in a major way. also, let's verify what was stated in an earlier post about AOL's phone support speaking poor english! HELLOOOOO your job is to TALK to and assist people all day'd think they would hire people who speak the GD language! grrr sorry so mad. i've had my SN now for 8 years and i'm afraid it's lost forever. i don't have my old computer that i loaded my buddy list onto. does anyone know how to retreive screen names from the hard drive? i was able to pull a few from the registry, but i'm missing way more. GAWD. okay, i'll stop...anyone had any luck getting their account back? AIM sux. the end.

I keep hearing that the number of affected people that had their screen names suspended was small. I just find it hard to believe. Who is defining small? Am I really just this fortunate to have my IM name dumped. My screen name is Atomite123 by the way...just in case someone that can do something about it is reading this. I've been using it for 10 years. People know me by that name...I'd almost just go ahead and legally change my name to Atomite123.

What does it take to get my account back?

Adam Fite (once known as Atomite123)

Ok, my SN hasn't been banned....but I wanted to delete my buddy list and start over. Now there are NO screennames on my buddy list. When I try to add buddies, it says "One or more of the additions or modifications to your Buddy List were not able to be saved." Anyone have any problems with this???? It's pissin me off!


My AOL/AIM sns have pretty much been shot down since last night. Twice I tried contacting AOL through the Live Technical Support and both times neither tech was helpful. The first time the guy told me to change my password and contact The second time the tech told me to look at the AIM website and ended the conversation before I could get another word in. Neither explained what the problem was or how to resolve it. Thankfully a friend linked me here so I can see I'm not the only one.

I just hope it resolves itself soon. I've already made a new account name for AIM, I'd just like to be able to transfer my buddy lists.

Sigh. I have the same problem, as of two hours ago? I've had this name for seriously 5 years. How do I get it back? I can't reach anyone and it won't let me into my aol mail either.
Why are they so bad at this?

im getting the same problem


I had to linked screen names and both have been suspended. I don't know whats going on, but I'd really like to know. They sent me an e-mail saying I violated the terms of use .. ?!?! I don't know what to do. I'd really like to get my accounts back. Can anyone help ?

I was signed on to AIM when it went fruity and wouldn't allow me to send IMs. So I restarted and attempted to log back on when I recieved the error message that my SN had been blocked. I haven't broken any of the requirements. I'm wondering if this is perhaps the result of another mistake similar to the one in December. If so, will all my contacts be lost and how long will it take them to fix the error? Do I need to contact them to let them know of the error? As well, my e-mail (also through AOL) will not function. Are the two occurences related?

has anyone found a solution to this? friday night my screen name was randomly blocked from signing on, and of course calling AOL doesn't help because they tell me i'm not worth their time as i'm not a paying AOL customer, and emailing them does nothing. i want my screenname back.

Okay, I just got blocked last month and didn't think much of the problem, I just thought AIM was being a bitch. I am a paying customer for gAy-O-helL and I call them, they don't help. Then I try using the Live Chat thing and they told me to use the AIM website which also happens to be of no help. God damn it. Well I wrote AOL's AIM support and e-mail, which says the following:

"Hello, I have been trying to access AIM using this screen name and it tells me:
"Sign on blocked click info for more details."
The URL of that page the 'info' button leads to is:

I need to access this account on another computer that does not have AOL, My account has been blocked now for about a month (April-May 2005)... I would like to request to reactivate/unblock my screen name. My screen name is active (otherwise I would not be sending this e-mail now would I?), I do not have any Parental Controls set against my account, I am not under the age of 13 (I am 18 years of age) and I have not violated any of AIM's (nor AOL's) Terms and Agreements. Why is my account blocked from signing onto AIM? I have already looked through the official AIM website for help and I have found none (not surprising to me), so I am requesting for assistance here. I need my account unblocked ASAP... This is rediculous!"

...well, did it work? =/

Nope, not surprisingly.

well... ARGH!! so what HAVE people done that has worked?! i STILL want my screenname back. what is the problem that's causing this BS anyway?

except that article is dated early december and THAT problem has since been resolved. this is apparently something entirely different, although probably related.

This just happened to me. Three weeks ago my sister’s password was changed, five days ago my password on my main account was changed, I made a new account and that password got changed yesterday, I just got home and now it’s saying that I’m suspended. Is there any good news on this front?

omg, the exact samer thing happened to me. 5 days ago my password was changed so i was sent my new password which was nothing like it should have been or i would have never made. then 2 days later i get suspended. i thought this was just me but i guess not... Also, any news on this please help!?

something just came to mind... does anyone know if this bug affects icq? it may be smart to go to icq since they are interoperable now.

no, no good news - still blocked. and that exact thing happened to me, with my password being changed, about a week before my account was just completely suspended... i'm still waiting...

I cant sign into my buddy list, when I do it says "SIGN ON BLOCKED. CLICK MORE INFOR FOR DETAILS." I click MORE DETAILS and all it does is tell me that I mite be underage or something which is crazy, I've had this screen name for almost 10 yrs! Can someone PLEASE help!!!


AIM signed me off and when i tried to sign back on, i got the sign on block message. the link that it gives you 'for more information' takes me to AOL's homepage.

I saw this link on another site, at least we can bombard them with requests for restorals.

good luck

I recently have had the same trouble. After 13 years of having the same NICK/PW it was recently changed. I called AOL and had them change my password so that I could reconnect. Exactly one day later, my username became suspended. It seems that this is happening to a lot of people.

Signed, - HTTP://PxOInc.netp>

yo man that article (,1759,1738245,00.asp) is from 12/04 man.
im freaken a nervous wreck now, my sn that ive been using for years now is all the sudden blocked? i used it with both aol and aim what the hell.

i hope aol doesnt keep these gay rules in effect.

I posted back in March (8th). Since then I have got 2 new screen names and lost both within a month in a half. I think we should do what Mal said and bombard Netscape and Aim with this issue. They offer NO support whatsoever, not even email or a 1800 number. Heres the link again: Send Away!!

--Josh (Go ahead and email me if you have anything to add)

Thanks for the link Mal. I've contacted AOL about my exact same problem. Good luck to everyone.

this happened to me yesterday and i still can't get on, i'm starting to worry i won't get my screenname back. :\ i've had it for probably 2 years and i hate to get a new one lol but i don't know what to do and it seems like theres no way to get any answers.

Has anyone actually gotten their s/n back after it was blocked? I contacted AOL about it, but I doubt that they will actually do anything about it. I can't believe that there isn't even a support number that we can call...

Hey my account has been "blocked" for over three days now, did anyone get theres back? or find a number to call?

Hey, so basically we all have the exact same problems. My screen name was blocked a day ago and I think the real thing we need to focus on is just HOW we can fix it. Writing our problems won't help, but does ANYONE know how to undo this? Obviously AIM will not help the situation. Even if it was over time, has anyone retrieved their old screen name that was blocked?

I as well have had my screen name for years now and I really don't want to make a new one.

Ok here's how it works, i was on the phone today with AOL's tech support about how my s/n was blocked, and they said that the only way to get a blocked screen name back is to go on AOL (or AIM's, i forget) website and convert it to a "full AOL account" by clicking on some link.Once you have a full AOL account, then you can call up AOL's tech support and have them unblock your screen name. They said that to get a "full account" you can use one of those trial offers to get a month free, so you don't have to pay a fee for signing up, and then you can call AOL again to cancel the service without getting charged. I have no idea if this method actually works, but the AOL guy said that this is the only way of getting a blocked screen name back. If anyone is daring enough to try this, let me know how it works out for you. -David

Yah you could do that, but all the other people who had this problem said that it just came back in time. So who knows...either way this whole situation sucks.

OK, so i called aol because my screen name of 2 years is blocked since aol MADE us get a new account instead of reactivating our old one.. someone hacked into our account.. and my sn has worked even when we changed our account months ago.. i am so pissed. i just want my screen name back. when i called aol about it, they told me they didn't deal with situations with AIM.... they are AOL instant messenger.. wtf!! i just want my screen name back, that is it. aol was no help at all.. and since the aol account wasn't in my name, they wouldn't even talk to me.

hey guys, i still dont have my screen name back but i did find this website to submit a question to AIM. maybe if alot of people sumbit the same thing about how we can get our accounts back they will help. Who knows, but its worth a try...
is there even a website to reactive AIM account? i cant find one, but people talk about it...let me know

i have a question.. i had an aol screen name first which is now not active, and i made an aim screen name afterwards that is now blocked.. this was over 6 months ago that i got rid of the aol screen name and my aim sn is just now blocked. will my aol screen name eventually be able to reuse because of inactivity over a year or will it not be able to be reused since i also had the screen name on aim? i just want my screen name back.. i have e-mailed and called so many times.

i dnt know whats wrong. i can check my login to my email account at, check mail, read download attachments.. but i can't send any mail. i tried rebooting system, deleted all temp files then tried on other pc. it gives error "mail cannot be sent" why.. ?? whats the reason. i sent around 8-10 mails in the morning to all my friends.. whats wrong since then.. i dnt know. can anybody help. please mail.. me

i dont know why but all 4 of my sns work except for the one that i use the most every time i try to login a box pops up...any one know what the heck is going on?

MAn same thing happened to me!... are they going to know that I;m affected too... how do I let them know.. man fucking aim!

hhi uhm , awhile ago , like in july i was on my screen name ( lilcarthyx0 ) and i have no idea what i did but my buddy list is completly gone, i tried pressing show buddylist but that doesnt work, and i looked to see if it went like to far over the screen, but its not there, and im not talking about the buddies on it, cause they are still there if i sign on another computer, but its just my main cmoputer in my house and its really werid, if you know how to get it back pleace i\m me at lilcarthyx0 oor mccarthyx31 .. thanks (:

well i got screwed too.. aol is jjust shot anymore.. anyways i found this link.. not sur eif it will help or not but i guess we can all try...

good luck!

I was wondering if anyone ever found out how to fix this? My main SN i have been using since 8th grade all of a sudden doesnt work - and the email account is my old AOL account which i stopped paying for once i got a cable modem - so theres no way to get the password. Of course the online help - doesnt help. And i even called AOL and told them i would REACTIVATE an account just to have my screenname back - they said they had no record on file. Help! I only know like 6 of my 100 or so buddys SN's

I am still receiving the error 'Sign on blocked' after 2 weeks. I have visited the AIM Age Verification Process site to try to reactivate my screenname countless times. I click the 'AIM Age Verification Process' link and it sends me to a webpage to login with my username and password. Once I login I am sent to a site for installing AIM. I fail to see any process here...

I am fed up at this point. I have sent so many emails to AOL and filed so many "problem reports" by now it's beyond ridiculous. I have been as detailed as humanly possible in descibing this error to them and in so many words AOL has told me that there is not one person alive anywhere, in any department, that can offer any assistance or support for this problem because it's AIM, and not AOL. What kinda scares me though is that a lot of the posts on here, and are from almost a year ago. Which makes me wonder if this shit will ever get straightened out. ;\

I hear ya - I actually called the customer support for AOL and did the online support - clearly the page offers no help. The saddest part was when i actually offered to reopen an aol account just so that I could get my password back and they were like "yeah, that still wont work" I was fuming mad at this point - because I did used to have aol and you would think they would treat existing members with some sort of respect. I started thinking that maybe they just recycled my old screenname, but i tried to send an email to it just to check and it comes back undeliverable.

i can log in to AIM however when i try to IM someone aol says they have encountered a problem and i signs me off ive installed and reinstalled aim and also tried a new acount to no avail, plz can someone tell me whats wrong and how to remedy this thanks

every time i try to sighn on my screen name i always get this little window saying "You are attemptimg to sighn on again too soon. please try again later." and after waiting 30 minutes i get the same thing and idk what to do. can some one tell me what to do and what this means?

I got the "sign on blocked" message when trying to sign on a few months ago. I filled out one of those reports on AIM's website. Eventually (like a month or so)my screen name started working again. (i dont know if the form i filled out helped or not) But after another month or so, the "sign on blocked" message has came back. Its been doing this for about a month now (again) So I have no idea what the problem is......

I try to sign on my account and continually get the sign in blocked wat can i do to fix it?

I keep getting sign on blocked when I try to sign into one of my AIN screen names. This happened a few months ago too and I got my screen name back, but this time I cant seem to. I have sent them numerous reports.

Well tha person might not have AIM!

Has anybody run into this problem with AIM profile. When I go to change my password in profile, it has an error about it is being used by too many users, and too many ip addresses


There is some problem with AIM where nobody can change their password. I noticed the same thing about a week or two ago. I even tried logging in to my netscape to change the password and it didn't work either :(

on Jan 1st 2006 after coming home from a win at cleveland browns stadium, i logged on to aim as usual, and about 25 minutes after logging in, it "lost its connection". so i thought, no big deal..., and tried ot sign back on but i keep getting that same msg as people were getting back in december of 2006... and its really buggin me because I used aim for work and now my buddy list is gone. aol is really upsetting me here...
any help in gettin at least my buddy list back would be helpful

Hey, I think i kn ow cuz it has happened to my sister. You know how when you have been warned a certain amount of times your "Warning Level" goes to 100%, right? Well I think when it gets to 100% u aren't allowed to go on AIM anymore........But I am not sure.I am pretty sure, but..........:-)

Yea...same here. Had my sn from 3 years suspended by that letter that gave the link to reset the password. I did and it worked. I logged back in. 4 hours later i was logged of, and when I tried logging in it said the account was suspended. I spent 2 hours on the phone with AOL and 5 minutes in a LIVE Chat. Both completely useless. They claim they offer no help on aim, and that has all the answers. What bullshit. I am simply gona move onto Jabber and quit dealing with idiots who can't even post the problem on their site which has been going on now for over 5 months.

called aol at 1-800-827-6364... completely useless. They told me they dont deal with aim problems.... i was like (wtf, u make it)!! w.e hopefully i'll get my sn bak eventually

I keep getting sign on blocked when I try to sign into one of my AIN screen names. This happened a few months ago too and I got my screen name back, but this time I cant seem to. I have sent them numerous reports

How can u find other random peoples screen names so u can meet new people and talk to them?

uhh...... i've been reading all of these and have been agreeing with everything everyone is saying but then I saw the dates of these messages and they're all from january, december....the problem is that right now it's june and i just got this screenname block problem. I don't no if anyone still looks at this message board but right now it's jan 29, my whole family has lost their sns and i have no idea what to do. is there any solution yet because this is really annoying me and I have no one to turn to.

Same issue here, and it's CONSTANT. Seems to be an issue when using NON-AOL clients and sending URL's, for me. I finally had one blocked past the point of no repair today, too. A shame, I've had that one for like seven years.

urrrrrrrrrrrr i cant sign in on aim any more cause someone i dont know blocked me
i didnt change my password
i just went on it one day and it didnt work
i dont even remember my friends sn's
i cant just start all over!!!!!!1

i still dont have my sn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and to change ur password u gotta remember stuff u typed wen u first got an sn!!!
how am i suppose to remember that
aim was good until it just blew me off to the point were i cant sign on with the same sn and that same password i always had!!!!!!!!!!!!
and how do u think i can remember all my friends sn's?
cause the only option i have right now is to start all OVER AGAIN!!!!!
might as well not even have an sn!!!!!

aim is blocking out my account for no reason. i was reading through this and most of the complaints are old. why is this happening to me now when i did nothing? and the worst part is, i can't check my mail! what am i supposed to do to get my account back?

yeah i got the same problem, my acount was suspended but they don't give me back my account it is really sick! i was writing few email to them and zero nothing!

i got blocked by my friend...because i spent something to her that wasn't suppose to go to her and i tried talking to her on another sn ..but shes doesn't talk to any not on her buddy can i get unblocked

Me too; after 2 days of not using my computer, I find I cannot log in..says my account has been suspended...WHY? My husband can log into his emails, but I cannot, and this is truly a matter of life and death. I do rescue work with animals and this is costing many of God's little creatures their precious lives... Cannot get anyone by phone, no "real" person, since I do not have a paying account... WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO.. CAN YOU HELP ME?
Joy Ray

This really sucks from aim/aol... I have no other address book, but aim/aol. Thank you for screwing me, Monday oct.9, 2006 I have called Clint Dannials at 1-866-280-6015. He does not call back. Some other numbers you may try:AOL 1-800-827-6364, AIM 1-800-279-3192 OR 1-888-265-8003 AND 1-888-265-7333. Call them and keep the lines ringing, maybe they will help someone, tell us why there are doing this to us, give a warning of something besides just cutting us off... (old one) (new one)

I called AOL corporate, fraud dept., legal dept, etc. NO HELP! I sent them this in an e-mail:

On Wednesday morning I went to to sign in to my AIM mail account. The message stated I used an invalid user name or password. I double and triple checked both and decided to use the reset password link to change my password. I entered my birthdate, gender and zip code and the screen said I successfully changed my password and a confirmation was sent to my e-mail. After I pressed the "continue" screen to sign in with my new password I got the same message as before "invalid user name or password". I downloaded AIM Triton again as well as AIM Pro. The message I get when I try to sign in there says "suspended account".

I have, and friends and family have, sent me e-mails to the "suspended account" from AOL, AIM, MSN, etc. and all of their (and my) screens say "message successfully sent". I even sent mail to that account from my aol account. None of those e-mails sent to the suspended account have been returned for failure to deliver.

My security issue is that someone or some computer has access to this account, including very personal information. I would like someone to contact me and tell me who is receiving my e-mails and why I have been unnecessarily suspended. I am well over 13 years of age, I have not violated the terms of service in any way (I have read the "Terms" many times over.) Please help me to resolve this situation as soon as possible.

My account is blocked as well, but that article was really helpful. At least now I know it wasn't just me who was affected, and hopefully they will have everything fixed by Monday...

I just got a survey from AOL asking me how I liked the "customer service I received. I was hesitant to express how I really feel just in case they use that to not help me in the future. I decided to be real....We'll see what they come up with next week.

i cant get on either i tried everything and i am really starting to get mad here if anyone knows how to fix it PLEEEZ let me know!!

i have aim and i would switch but i cant get on it to do that best of luck to every1 else i was hopeing it wasnt just me :)

HAs anyone found a way to get it back on? I called aol c.s and he said he had nothing to do with aim. I didn't violate anything. This happened about 2 weeks ago and still not working. Please HELP!!

This happened to me about 2 weeks ago and still not working...has anyone found a way to fix the problem. Please HELP!!

Mine hasn't come back yet either. I try a few times a day to be sure. How did Joi Ito get his identity back so quickly???

I found this and I just filled it out so I hope I will hear something soon.
If anyone gets back on please keep us updated

I have been blocked out of my netscape email since Oct 23 , 2006. No one can help me, I think I will cancel all aol and netscape accounts and start fresh.

Mine wont let me on.. I had 2.. one for my friends and one for my family.. one has been blocked since july and the other today and now it bites.. I need to find another way to keep in touch with my out of state family and friends... :(

AHHHHHHHHH has anyone got it so u can get ur scrren name back please tell me

A month ago I filled out the form that Amanda did response!

my messenger got blocked and I can't sign into my email

I am having the same problem, Laura!
I can't log into my email or IM.
I even tried to reset my password but doesn't work! They keep looping the same question over and over even though all my info is correct!
Anyone else having the same problems?

I never heard a response either. HAs anyone had any luck? Keep us posted Please

woke up this morning to the same problem. Been arguing on the phone with AOL all morning. Going on 5 hours now. losing my patience. They tell me the AIM program is completely automoated, no user interface is available, and no one can do anything to fix it. I am not accepting that as an answer, as it was clearly their screw up that caused this problem. Has anyone else had any luck with anything?

I tried to get my screen name back with aim/ for over 2 weeks and have given up with aol employees trying to help me. I still try to log into open ride aol because I now have nearly 200 emails listed/unopened....I always get screen name suspended... None of my contacts who send to aim know I cant access the emails and I had to start fresh a new address book. VERY FRUSTRATING. I am now with MSN and love it. Don't waste your time with aol. I will check back to see if anyone got back into their emails.

OK. I just got my problem fixed. I dont know if all of you are having the same issue, so I will give mine in detail, just in case:

I have AOL and AIM using the same screen name. This morning, for unknown reasons, my AOL account was suspended, and my AIM screen name gave the "Sign On Blocked" error message.

After calling I got my AOL account reinstated. My AIM account, however, still have the same error. I kept calling, and getting different people until one woman finally knew what to do. I explained my problem to her, and within seconds, she fixed my screen name on AIM. When I asked her why she could fix it, and the other people I talked to for 5 hours couldnt, she just told me she had a special tool for this sort of problem.

I did not get her name, but the number I called was 1-800-307-7969, the AOL fraud department. I selected option 3. Good luck.

Ok, well my gf just got this problem now. What happened i think is that she never activated her email... and the system thought she didnt use the account. I simply activated her email and it worked. Try activating your email.

Ugh... I just tried logging onto my aim account and recieved the error message "SIGN ON BLOCKED. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS" I wrote aol NUMEROUS reports and have changed my password (succesfully!) and everything! Nothing seems to be working. I in NO way violated any code or terms of use that aol could possibly come up with.

--> What is happening and how do I get my account back?

Thank you SO much to anyone that can figure it out and reply...


Well, well, well...seems like this problem keeps existing thru the years and AOL-AIM cannot fix this issue. I too am very frustrated. My screen name is blocked for no violations commited here. I've sent in many requests, even used some of the telephone numbers that people have provided on this webpage...NOTHING. I too have a issue with people that cannot speak clear ENGLISH! It is ridiculous calling a CS telephone number and you cannot even understand the person on the other line. I've been working on this all yesterday and today and still haven't came up with a resolution. I would like AIM to provide everyone with a solution, they have to have a way to fix this. I even came acrossed a page that states in order for you to be unblocked you will need to input your credit card number...EXCUSE ME!! Even though that sounds a little strange to me I was willing...I want my account back, my screen name. All that did was lead me to another sign on page that I have no access too, because I've been blocked. This is very discouraging.

Does anyone have a resolution to this??? Anyone...


well crap, i've been suspended for no reason yesterday.

I just got hit too..."Screen Name suspended"...

Yeah, I am getting this too! What can I do? Is there any way to make an other account and somehow get the screen names back?

Try using aol triton. Worked for me. But only that version of aim works nothing else

aim 6.0

Just got suspended. I know this is an old article, but I'm hoping it's another glitch AOL messed up on. I want my screen name back. :(

My screenname that I have been using since 1999 is suspended as well. For the past 3 years I use it at work regularly to chat with colleagues from other countries, though iChat on Mac OS. I hope AOL knows the acount is active even if I don't directly log in via AOL instant Messenger, but through other chat clients.

Lately I remember using the same screen name on A few days later I noticed my screename was suspended. Initially I was thinking that was caused by Xdrive, but now I see several others have had the same problem.

I hear that mostly by Monday AOL would revert the suspended screennames. Let us hope they would be more careful in future while deactivating accounts.

Ramson, where did you hear that AOL would unsuspend names by Monday?

Has anyone tried to contact AOL Fraud Department again?

posted by Joe - 171

"...I did not get her name, but the number I called was 1-800-307-7969, the AOL fraud department. I selected option 3. Good luck..."

Any luck yet?

SO IM PISSED at AOL for NOT letting ME GET A SCREENNAME FOR MY AIM.!!!!! YOU LITTLE FRUCCER PEOPLE!! I was so happy about getting one and now i CANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had the same problem since the end of March, so I have been unable to get to my main e mail and my buddy list for almost 2 months now.. Keeps telling me Im "blocked" or that Im Suspended?? I have tried calling and because Im not a paying aol customer they cannot help me. I see that most of these are from 2004 all the way till 2007? Did you all end up getting your accounts back?

Or maybe even know a way to fix this?

i cant sign on my aim s/n too..are they gonna fix this and give everyones s/n back of is it lost???

omg- this sounds like a real problem! no surprise, i'm having the same issue with aim.... i'm over 13, and as far as i can tell, i haven't violated any of the terms of use. this is really bugging bc for over 2 weeks now i haven't been able to log on with my screenname and unless ur paying for ur aol services u can't get any help by phone. I don't know how to cancel my current account to make a new one, bc it won't let me on (and i really like my screenname anyway). i'm SO glad i'm not alone with this problem and if anyone finds a solution, i'd love to know :) thanx

OMG, I have the same problem. It makes me mad!!! i don't know why though my AIM and netscape email were suspended.

So I'm on AIM on my Sidekick 09 then suddenly I sign off and I can't sign back on password is correct screen name correct I don't rememer the email I used to set up this account the day before people were signing on my account but I guess when I was away something happened can somebody help me?????

I lost 3 accounts in the same time. Incorrect password or username I get when I try to login. How is this possible? I don't remember the birthdate I gave when creeating these accounts. I didn't thought somthinge like this can actually happen. Any solutions how I could uncerstand why or maybe to login ? Thank you in advance

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