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Potter Potter...

And you won't get this unless you were part of the Badger Badger Badger infection awhile back.

via Eno


The 8 year old says: they are making fun of harry potter!

The 2 year old says: no harry potter!

Should have exposed them to badger earlier

Oh thanks so very much, now that is going to be in my head for a while. These kinds of things always remind me of the old Hamster Dance site. Silly graphics and sounds, over and over, and eventually you can't stop laughing at it.

Even better than the original Badgers toon is the Football Badgers toon. Look carefully at the text on the map.

well i love the video dragosta din tie. it makes me want to get up and start dancing. i think they guy in the white green and yellow shiet is super sexy and ever meeting him would be a delight. i think you should put more of their videos on this site. any question feel free to send me and email saying so ok bye.


This was funny as whole digital class trys to find new versions of badgerbadgerbadger to tick off my teacher. tell me if there are ne new ones.....

Awesome X3
I love Badgers, but yeah.. this is great.
Especially the Snape. *luffs teh snape* ^-^

Actually, there was also a christmas version of badgerbadgerbadger. It was on the advent calender, There.

u will laugh so hard at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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