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whatsinyourbag Originally uploaded by Joi.

I saw this fun whatsinyourbag flickr tag on Minami's blog so I decided to dump the contents of my shoulder bag on the floor (at 5AM) and take a picture.



How many power supplies do you carry with you on your trips for all those gadgets? Quite a few, right!?



Ummm. I am tempted to mirror the statements on flickr to the effect of 'dude, wtf??'...

I tend to think there is something really wrong if you need that many cellphones. ;)

....and TWO ipods ?? ... ;-)

Oh that's a bunch of gadgets... Good stuff though and as a finn I appreciate the amount of Nokia phones!

I'm not this bad, but certainly getting there.

Had a great time at the US Embassy in Tokyo a few weeks ago. After handing over my cell phone, they asked me to remove all electric appliances from my shoulder bag to be held while I was in the Embassy.

After filling the first locker box they handed me I got the best reaction when I asked for another. One was just not enough to hold ...

2 more cell phones (Motorola A1000, SE Premini)
2 PDAs (Sony Clie UX, HP iPaq 6345)
1 Bluetooth GPS Reciever
1 Laptop (IBM X22)
1 Digital Camera (Sony Cybershot T1)
1 Sony PSP
1 Portable Digital Video Player (iRiver PMP-140)
1 iPod mini (Blue)
1 Achos Mini 400 Jukebox
1 Sony Librie eBook reader
1 Airport Express
2 Flash Drives (128MB, 512MB)
1 USB Powered 40GB portable Hard drive (Buffalo HD-PH40U2)
Assorted Cables, Batteries, and adapters.
*note that the Archos Juke, the PSP, the Hard Drive, and the Video Player all use the same USB - 5v power cable. With a Power - USB adapter I have cut out over half my power bricks.

When I was done I took my empty bag and one file folder to go an apply for extra passport pages.

What is most shocking to me is that I carry a mountain of data, a telecommunications hub, and an entire home entertainment center around with me in a bag that really is not that heavy. (and I agree that Waterfield Bags make a big difference in keeping all the toys organized)

How much data are you transporting in that bag? digital camera... but 2 ipods! ;)

I took this picture with my digital camera.

I figure I usually travel with about 1 week (24hr x 7days) of Digital Video and about 1 month (24 x 30) or Digital Audio, About 200-300 Still photographs, Several maps, 6 or 7 dozen books in eBook format, 3-5 video games, and about 5-10 gb of various personal and work related data files.

This is the portable version. My home fileserver storing my primary backup for all is over 400GB (out of 750GB Raid5 avail).

redundancy for me is key. Out of my above list
6 things can take and record digital photographs
11 things can be used as a portable drive for data storage
8 things can play mp3 files
7 things can play digital video files
5 things can play video games
6 things can be used as text readers
5 things can be used as a telephone on the following bands
CDMA (2)
VOIP (2)

Yes I am a freak, but at least I know I'm not as bad as Joi ;)

These superannuated designers who are still trying to foist upon us impractical computer travel bags with just a couple of dedicated small pockets, ostensibly for the cell phone and the obligatory iPod, must be hanging their heads in shame... ;-)

So how much does all that weigh?

It is such an insane amount of stuff that fits in there that I have to go get me one of those WaterFields... You should set up a reseller agreement with SFBags ;)

I am in awe. All THAT fit into your bag?!

And to think people look at me funny for cell phone, mp3 player x 2, palm pilot, and laptop (I live in a house of technophobes when not in Philly).

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