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Long trip ahead. I'm off to Mar del Plata, Argentina today for the ICANN meeting. It's a long trip involving flying from Tokyo to Chicago San Francisco, Washington DC, Buenos Aries, then meeting some people there and taking a car for 400 km or so...

UPDATE: I picked the fastish looking line coming through immigration out of Tokyo. The extremely efficient agent looked familiar and I confirmed from her stamp that she was agent 1128 that I had when I was departing in January as well. Kudos agent 1128.


Looks like I'll just miss you in Chicago. Have to fly out of Chicago on a 6AM flight Thurs 3/31. *laugh* oh well. Could have met you for coffee or something. Have a good flight!

"The meetings are free to attend, and open to any interested person." heh, devious.. have it in the middle of nowhere so people won't drop by ;)

Yes. It's a difficult thing, these meetings. On the one hand, Cape Town and Mar del Plata are far away for Americans, but for people who live in Africa or in this case South America, it is easier than coming to the US. In fact, many people now have a difficult time entering the US let alone paying for a ticket. So convenient for some people means inconvenient for others. ICANN has meetings all around the world to try to be fair to people who live in various regions of the world. The next meeting is in Europe and the one after that will be in North America.

Hagge... Mar del plata is not in the middle of nowhere... not every meeting must be done in the US or in Europe. Argentina, for instance, has a very big internet comunity and therefore can also hold the meeting.

Joi... have a great time. Eventhough the trip will be long and exhausting I am sure that you will have a great time back down in Argentina!

I think what Hagge is basing his "middle of nowhere" on is Joi's description of how he is getting there... 400km in a car? Surely there is an airport in Mar del Plata?

I bet it's a really nice drive though! :)

There is an airport, but the domestic airport is about an hour away from the international airport in Buenos Aries. You have to check in 1 hour before the domestic flight and traffic can be bad. So it's safer, probably more fun and easier to drive than to fly to MdP, according to the locals. For people flying in from other South American countries, it's actually much easier to fly directly to MdP, but unfortunately, there are no direct flights from the US that I know of.

So you must actually work, like, a couple months a year?

;-) I do spend more time on non-profit stuff than most people, but most of my work can be done via email and phone so as long as there is Internet access, it doesn't really matter where I am.

Joi: pls remember the ipv6 issue !
Secondly, say con'grats to the icann members for sunraising the .eu domain !

well, we´re expecting you Joi :)

BTW, Mar del Plata (MDQ airport code) is a nice city, however Joi is right, instead of switching airports, doing 2 checkins/outs etc.. going by car will be an excellent alternative.

If you get some "friend" driving for you, ask him to stop by "Atalaya" and get some "medialunas" (our word for croissants) with one "cafe con leche". That will be an excellent breakfast for you... one that i can recommend (Damn... i´ll never look skinny :P)

Gokurousama agent 1128 !

Joi prefers Japanese breakfasts: fish !

Boris is right, I didn't mean to sound condescending and apologies if I did. Having the meetings in different places and parts of the world is very logical but it sounded abit "out in the bush" by the first description :).

Heard this region of Argentina is very beautiful and again I am very jealous. :-)

"most of my work can be done via email and phone so as long as there is Internet access"

this is a revolutionary statement, I think.

Shows the power of the 'Net!

well.. then Joi, wait until you get to mar del Plata and get to "El Viejo Pop" at MDQ port and try anything there ;)

Hope you dont have some special preferences for japanese style food since the only really good japanese restaurant is in Buenos Aires Ichizou :)

However, lately im going to the thai food.. but since this is NOT a food blog i better stop ;)

Hello Joi,

Welcome to Argentina! I think it's really cool you visit us here and we're doing a couple of different blog projects I'd love to tell you about. Do you think is possible for you to have time to meet? I'd LOVE to.

P.S. One of our properties,, inspired in your idea (mentioned in the website) is doing really well.



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