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My blog uses a "by/2.0" Creative Commons license. This means that anyone can use anything from my blog and copy or create derivative works without asking permission as long as they give me attribution. NEC has gotten into blogging and wanted to use the content from my blog. Unfortunately, I write mostly in English. I have tried translating posts myself as well as using a number of volunteer translators. The problem is, translation is not very fun and I would rather write another post in English than spend time translating. The combination of NEC's desire to use my content and my Creative Commons license allows NEC to pay a translator to translate my blog into Japanese and use the content on their blog. I don't get paid, but now my words are available in Japanese too.

NEC tells me that after a six month period, they will release the Japanese content under and Creative Commons by-nc-sa/2.1/jp license which will allow me to copy the the translations back to my blog after this period.

Translations are essential for building bridges between cultures. One big problem is that translation sometimes cost MORE than the cost of writing the original work. It's also more boring. Using CC to allow people to create business models to pay translators seems like a great idea to me. Thanks NEC!

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"One big problem is that translation sometimes cost MORE than the cost of writing the original work."

It isn't the cost of writing that should be considered, it's the value of the writing. So NEC's getting a bargain in my opinion.

I've had some random thoughts on translation over the last few years, given that my wife and in-laws are not native English speakers.

1) Wiki-translator. I've always thought it would be interesting to build a real-time dictionary of words and their translations using a wide variety of sources. People could put in their translations of certain words into a wikipedia sort of system that would then allow their services to be used by other sites. Building a translation that mirrored the current usage of words, not just the official dictionary definition.

2) Drag down buttons. When I use translator programs, I often get mistranslated words simply because some words have two meanings. A drop down item list of possible translations for words would be helpful.

3) US Television closed caption. I'd love to build a box that could read the Closed Caption for Hearing Impared words, translate on the fly, and put up a new Closed Caption in a different language. That would be really cool.

Boo, but aren't many of life's most valuable things free? Also, I think that NEC's translations make the originals even more valuable. So they maybe getting a bargain, but so am I.

Joi, I think it's great that more of your writing will become available in Japanese... I think your kind of insight particularly on tech and intellectual property related issues (and the larger societal issues linked to them) is something that needs to get more exposure in Japan.

Lots of questions spring to mind though... will NEC translate all the content as-is? What if it's a piece critical of their company or some enterprise related to them? And will they correct their translation if you take issue with the correctness?

I'm pretty sure they would fix the translation if I point something out. They're actually going to pay some of my favorite translators who I'm introducing to them.

They aren't translating everything and I'm suggesting which ones.

I haven't really ever said anything negative about NEC, and I don't know how they would react to something like that...

As someone who earns a living as both a writer and a translator, I can sympathise at least in part with the "translating is more boring" sentiment.

But I'm not sure if every professional translator would agree!

It looks like this post has already been translated last month. :)

Yes. Sorry, I was a bit late in blogging this.

Good Points!

It is tempting to translate some of your posts into Portuguese or German, but I am too lazy lately for that "language sort of thing"...

joi: One question. In essense, they are not meta blogging. They are using your content, directly translated in their Language of choice (Japanese). I find this a new phenonmen hapening in blogsphere then

1) Tranlsation service of content
2) Reverse service attribution-which permits you to take their tanslated content and post into ones own blog.

If this be case, I am pretty much shell shocked. This is wonderfull culture shift happening in blogsphere. The bridge metrics are being formed. Kudos to NEC !!

I wonder how long it will be for a blog translator service ? A pull down service which says "translate in" [Amananien, Arabic, Bengalise, Dutch, English, french...X..Y.ZZ) ..will you get the idea... correct ?? :)-

You'd better watch out Joi--the NEC version of you might turn out better than your own. I mean, they've already got a picture of you in a big banner.

I think you're going to have to upgrade this site or else everyone's just going to migrate to the new NEC version ;-)

Will they translate the comments as well? That would be most interesting especially in the cases where you get caught out on something that just isnt true. Or in that case will "approved" posts simply dissapear from the translated site?

A Google translation from the Japanese version of Joi's post, makes the case for human translation...
[1] "The media Pope and Tony Verna"


Mass communications and the Roman method emperor and To knee * burner

When yesterday, doing instant message, it meant that the ボリス is funny. " The Roman method emperor continues to live in the mass media. Very, powerful effect was produced on the people in the world, there are no times when you forget eternally the to mass communications as the new Roman method emperor who is converted don't you think? probably will be. The present every Roman method emperor compared to, the evidence which proves that he exists remains, therefore it is. Dying eternally how there is no ヨハネ * パウロ 2 world, it is is, if I have the memory storage, don't you think?. "
At one time, when I worked with the MSM, it came out with the To knee * burner and met. Playback (video playback immediately after the playing such as especially sport) it is the idea person, that famous also it has related to " live * aid ". Other everyone compared to, it had teaching from the To knee concerning the work of television broadcast. A certain day, the To knee became the that very much interesting work partner, even now you remember that the Roman method imperial story is done. When hearing this story, it appears the Roman method emperor to the mass communications, it is something which was thought concerning the influence that. Then, this time with the Email, it makes the story of that time the To knee do or it had decided to ask distantly.

- From mail of To knee -

Joy today

Telling pope, ヨハネ * パウロ 2 world died, how thought, thank you for. Raw program of 1 hour which is called " the praying to worldwide peace " the producer, in addition combining the director in 1986, the kana which remembers that I produce? Uniting " live * aid " and " sport * aid " with the hob * ゲルドフ, because I whom you produced considerably had become self-confidence excessive, you thought we would like to relay the Vatican with the satellite television broadcast which that time is maximum it is is.
My idea was something which probably will have leading the worship meeting in the worldwide 5 continents to which the believer whose is enthusiastic to pope lifts up praying. With the program, pope does the part each of the first praying moves relay to with the city of that language and starts projecting the circumstances of the believer of that city alternately, 1 language. As for the language and the city, as for the proverb it becomes as follows. French: Paris and Dakar, English: Knock, Calcutta, the Portuguese language: Lisbon and Rio, Spanish: Mexican city and Madrid, German: Frankfurt, マリツェル

In addition, I asked to the fact that you have known well to lead work, in order in the mother * テレサ where it have visited the monastery in the Polish chain strike hoe bar, to push the impressed introduction which decorates the beginning of the live program from Rome. As for the mother * テレサ, in word about it cannot display, it was more splendid one.

In addition to the project of the ゲルドフ, you say also large bishop reading, because the book which is written concerning the American communication is published 2 volumes, the reputation in my Europe was very good. But, when you inquire about everyone my idea, worrying very, in as for pope it was to the person whom you advise it does not appear in program something which others produce. But it could not stop me by everyone, that finally can depend on the eye in pope it was decided. Because the carol of the wife was enthusiastic Luther group, you look at pope to become, it springs out from the church, it was the spirit whether it is it is not, but somehow useless, pope compromising the wife to my one. At all, worry it was thorough, the heart saw it was the one which it had. In order and, to take my hand, to be able to execute this idea lifting up the praying which is short. As for ヨハネ * パウロ 2 world, communication to come off, because it believed, you have understood the power of the media, you have expected it is is it becomes such flow. With respect to type, after deliberation was done at the cardinal meeting, it moved to execution.

As for live program of 1 hour, at just the global media corporation budget was not enough, part provided at the grant of the BIC. 5 continent 16 countries (Argentina: Lu sun, Austria: マリツェル, Brazil: Rio and Canada: Quebec and France: Lourdes and Germany: Frankfurt and India: Bombay and Mexico: グアダルペ, Paraguay: カークペ, the Philippines: Manila and Portugal: ファティマ, Senegal: Dakar and Spain: Saragossa and Poland: チェンストホーバ, Ireland: Knock, America: Washington D.C. With in order to do satellite broadcast, budget 200 ten thousand dollars was very high. At House of Representatives Congressional Record July 8th of 1987 being reported and being proved everything.

With pope the believers where on the front and back which advocates praying greets in pope were arranged in addition to the camera of 100 or more where it arranges in the world.
Then, problem occurred. The religion potentate in the side of pope the monitor does not have to put, you say. I protest, you spoke would like to have deciding in pope, the next morning, pope dismissed the opinion of that potentate, gave permission to me.
As for the insurance company (to guarantee 200 ten thousand dollars, in order, in order) pope me, both two people to receive physical checkup, it requested, but I receive and 診 do as for pope when you explain, it does not receive, the insurance company withdraw. The broadcast from the Vatican said in me where the Italian broadcast association (men who in suit set body), at first glance is next, it is unreasonable. Unless you abandon no matter what, swearing in heart, I who designate Rome as afterwards, receiving the raw image from Rome in the English London, am the red sandal wood in broadcasting. (Cooperating, only European broadcast combination thank you) it is audible strangely, but it is true story what. Program advancing not to stagnate, even now it can procure video and the DVD.
Because as for another problem, the church there was no thing which between the several hundred years thing adopts new ones, it goes back to 1986, but first facsimile for pope who has the fact that large bishop ジェン * P * four Lee uses was presented.

For program production to Rome before departing, Washington D.C. To you stopped and day bit * blink Lee and others several people and did dinner, but everyone how doing, doing this complicated live program well, with the interest Tsu 々, pouring attention, whether it removed you thought very in honor.

You think you wrote before, but with the notion that where, pope no 1000000000 human thing people watched at program, when the wife we would like to appreciate privately in me, caused to the Vatican afterwards. Very it was comfortable traveling. Then, another strange thing happened, it is is. After lifting up the praying whose pope is short in me, the ふ it was and it was returned still, lifted up the 2nd praying to the wife it is is. Joy, the wife is the proselytism red sandal wood in Catholic, but when because pope as for as many as 2 times lifting up praying to the wife, such a me and being together, surely you tried probably to be serious thought you bore.

However the ゴチャゴチャ it listed, it is my memory this regarding ヨハネ * パウロ 2 world.

In addition so.
To knee

You can enter this link, from where you can get a link to translate your website.

Hope this helps.

Gabriela. :)

I often get mistranslated words simply because some words have two meanings. A drop down item list of possible translations for words would be helpful.

I suspect that's thereason general public want to read blog....Internet visitors generally create blogs to declare themselves or their secret views. Blog grant them same matter on the monitor screen what they specifically needed,so as the above stuffs declared it.

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