Sleeping with Bo

Mizuka took this awhile ago. Just found it on my camera.


Is that a brindle basenji? He's beautiful! Here's our basenji, Rigby:

proof--at long last--that you actually sleep from time to time.

She's actually a mutt.

Still beautiful. :) And a comfortable teddy bear, I'm sure...

the ito sleeps, a rare chance to see this species of bipod in its nocturnal state. capable of bonding without the aid of an electronic gadget!

That's a pretty big pup! Hey you're drolling on the pillow Joi!

A great pic made complete with Peanuts reference. :-)

Joi - You're dog is cuter than you are, but don't feel bad. She's a very, very good looking dog. ;)

kids are not bad either, try, you'll see !

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