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Amazon directory of free MP3 downloads

Amazon has put together a single page listing all the free, no-DRM MP3s you can download from their site, as promos for CDs.


(Thanks, Ben!)

Update: Erin sez, "Amazon actually launched Free Music Downloads in February of 2001. The page mentioned is just the top 200 downloads, there are a lot more available here.



Ten cleverness points shall be awarded to the first person who comes up with a search engine for DRM free/legal mp3s scattered around the Internet.

Thank you. I can never find a free version of what I need.

Free is always good. I've found a good site which will allow you to search for only free MP3's on Amazon. Check out:
Enter '0' in both "Price Range' fields, and any other criteria you want, then click the 'Click for Savings' button below the form. You will be sent to an amazon page containing only free songs.

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