Chilling Effects has posted the Cease and Desist letter that I received from I know a number of other bloggers have received this letter. Take a look at their analysis if you've received this letter. Chiling effects has done a great job explaining it. Since I received the letter, some email has been exchanged with the lawyer and I extended on olive branch on a forum to a employee, but I'm still not sure exactly where their threats stand at this point.

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I read the C & D Joi received. It's baseless and unprofessional. It's designed strictly to intimidate. Joichi's a fool if he failed to do a reference check with the California Bar Association regarding the SMS.AC associate who "represents" himself to be a laywer. Heck, he should have given them the letter and made the claim that it was baseless.

Violating intellectual property rights just for creating a blog for disgruntled employees and customers. Give me a break!

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No C from Community Mobilization
April 27, 2005 1:35 AM

Normally a cease and desist letter is something that you dread but I have got to be honest I am a little insulted that I did not get one like Joi did. Read More

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