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Gillian Caldwell, the executive director of WITNESS just left for Sierra Leone with Angelina Jolie to deliver recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's (TRC) to the government. WITNESS is an important effort using video for human rights advocacy. (I blogged about it in more detail in Sept 2003.) In Davos in 2004, Ethan and I cornered Gillian and tried to get her into blogging. At the same time Ethan and Gillian tried to get me interested in Africa. (Since then I've been to Africa once and have two more trips planned this year. Note that Ethan is the key connector here.)

Last week, Gillian emailed me and told me that she was going to blog this trip. With a bit of scurrying around and some quick design help from Boris, Gillian got her blog running just as she was running out the door. I'm looking forward to reading her reports from Africa and hope that she gets addicted to blogging so I can live her amazing life vicariously through the blog.

Safe travels and congratulations on the blog Gillian.

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"important effort using video for human rights advocacy"

Hmmm, imagine having a video of how ICANN and the ICANN
Board disregard human rights in favor of their own
self-centered views and profits.

You are worse than any dictator in Africa. You are an
ICANN apologist.

don't feed the trolls... don't feed the trolls...

Anyways, my pleasure to help out, Joi. It was a quick cleanup (not even using custom templates!) and I'd be more than happy to work on it some more.

Best wishes to Gillian and WITNESS on their good work!

Hey Joi
Thanks for the shout out. Today we are stratgezing for our meeting tomorrow with the President. He has invited us to come to his private residence which is roughly equivalent to being invited to Bush's ranch in Texas. Uh oh!