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Daily video of a geeky dancer in his living room

Daily Dancer is a site where a geek video-records himself dancing to a different song every day and posts it. Jamal recommends starting with the Fett's Vette boogie, on the basis of its laudable Star Wars Kid reference, and I concur.


Some day people will look back and try to understand.


And talking of people performing in their rooms to pop songs...

The Numa numa meme isn't dead yet! Here is a version made by the Oxygen TV station:

Numa numa oh!

Not daily, but you've just got to love this guy too:

I love the snow clip (5), but you need to watch them all. What amazes me most is how the people just ignore him. Crazy!

See you at TED...!

i will expect some work like to be published / displayed in blog format...

See how they did this

If Star Wars Kid is what the people want, humanity is in a sad state...
Top Ten Viral Videos: Star Wars Kid, Numa Numa, Paris Hilton, Kylie Minogue

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