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Anyone who is tuning in right now... about 2 hours ago a series of explosions were reported in London involving the Underground and a bus. The BBC reports "Large numbers of casualties have been reported after at least six explosions on the Underground network and a double-decker bus in London."

UPDATE: Most big media sites are slow or down. You can get to many of the blogs post via Technorati for queries such as "London explosions". Lots of pictures on the Flickr London Explosions Group / Flickr Bomb tag. Wikinews article. (Note: I think Wikinews has had the fastest and most substantive news so far. Good job folks.)

UPDATE 7/7/2005 10:50 UTC

#joiito @
antoin - there's someone on the irish radio says there were warnings about bomb scares as early as 7am.
JoiIto - Can I quote that on my blog Antoin?
antoin - sure. i should stress that it's a person who rang into the station, recounting
antoin - so it's a bit third-hand
We're having a real-time global discussion on #joiito on Freenode if you want to join us.

UPDATE 7/7/2005 11:03 UTC: Blair says G8 will continue.

I notice that the Japanese news has just started picking this up. I just remembered that I was listening to a Japanese radio station just about when this was happening. They were reporting about how GW Bush ran into a policeman on his bike and fell over and was saved from injury by his red helmet. Doh.

UPDATE 7/7/2005 11:08 UTC:

jbond - heard on radio4. "sources who follow Al Qaida, are saying it's likely they were involved"

UPDATE 7/7/2005 11:32 UTC:

[11:32] felix - we are jammed in between aldgate station and whitechapel hospital it's a bit like a war zone
[11:32] felix - RJ and mischa live right above aldgate station they are not allowed to leave the house
[11:33] felix - seems like the carefully crafted emergnecy plan works smoothly
[11:35] felix - like I said london is cool
[11:35] felix - everybody is really calm.
[11:36] felix - as the shut the whole public transport down
[11:37] felix - it's kinda weird how everything is so business as usual
[11:38] felix - I would have thought there would be more panic

UPDATE 7/7/2005 13:10 UTC: They have just closed the bathrooms on BART. (The California Bay Area Rapid Transit.)

UPDATE: Lots of good links on Boing Boing.

UPDATE: Roundup of Muslim bloggers responding to London Blast on Global Voice by Rebecca MacKinnon. Dedicated page on Technorati for posts about the London Bombings.

UPDATE: Loic blogs about John Gibson from Fox News saying that he wished it had happened in Paris. Ugh.

UPDATE: Julio points us to David Horovitz writing "And now as then, one suspects, the response of the targeted nation will be resilience and a determined response, rather than capitulation. London is not Madrid." in the Jerusalem Post.

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Yesterday, while it was being decided which would be the city to organize the Olympic Games in 2012, we people from Madrid heard amazed and ashamed hear Alberto of Monaco complain about our lack of security regarding terrorism. For sure he was simply trying to take away to Paris chances of Madrid and New York to organize them.

He forgot that terror's anywhere.

I am posting latest developments as reported on CNN telecast in Germany at

Religious people say god is the unseen force inside of us all. We are up against people who fight in the name of their god.

How can we protect ourselves from an invisible threat?

I live in Liverpool Street, opposite one of the stations affected (at least closed). Most roads are closed off. The London Tube and bus systems are closed. Helicopters hovering everywhere. People huddled around TV sets in office receptions. There is an emergency plan that is in action and so far seemingly working smoothly: though no official figures are being given for obvious reasons. People seem calm. It is the opening of the G8, so one would hope the authorities had today as one of their 'alert' days anyway.

All mobile phone networks are down and most telephone boxes have been closed; SMS does seem to work, and I certainly get GPRS.

Most people are concerned about how to get home. Hopefully the transport system will be back up to a minimal degree of normality.

It is odd, people walking around not sure what to do with themselves. The pubs are filling up as offices close.

Some cafes are offering free tea and coffee to anyone waiting for transport. It's nice to know that in a city as cold as London, there is still some humanity.

If anyone is trying to contact friends and family, I suggest SMS and email.

There is also Flickr pool dedicated to the bombings, with 90 pictures so far.

Gerard van SChip wrote @3:
How can we protect ourselves from an invisible threat?
If the Irish Republicans are involved, we might start by cleansing society of all visible signs and institutions even remotely related to their dogma, cathedrals, the clergy, church-going sheep...

Was on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) this morning. There are extra security staff on shift. At least one officer in every car.

If this is Al Qaeda again, they really just showed how little they understand the British. If they think the British will fold and wither in fear, they are really dumb.


I'm petrified! The Iraqi Freedom/Liberation Forces have struck back at one of home bases of the state sponsored Zionist/JUDEO-Christian international terrorists!

How can the 'civilized' world continue on without the perpetual instability and insecurity provided by the state sponsored Zionist/JUDEO-Christian international terrorists operating out of London, Washington, D.C., and Sydney?!

I'm sure they do not appreciate competition in the global instability, insecurity racket, especially if it results in the deaths or injury of any Zionist/JUDEO-Christian chiefs themselves. They're not accustomed to being on the receiving end of global instability, insecurity racket.

Moslty Vowels,
The only problem with that is that the Irish Republican movement isn't really a religious kind of thing. Its actually a pretty secular celtic nationalist movement. My understanding (partly from my own reading on the subject, partly from anecdotal evidence from family, friends for N. Ireland) is that the real Republicans actually have a pretty bad relationship with the catholic church: they are both competing for the same political space, in terms of consituency.

Disclaimer: I was raised catholic, but I'm not much of one now. I'm not much of anything, in a religious sense.

Sorry, I meant to write "from family, friends *from* N. Ireland"

Mostly Vowels:
Let me hasten to add that this is not a defense of the IRA. I come from an old Irish Republican family, but I have never been very fond of the IRA, for a variety of reasons (too many to list here).

Terrorists are the only ones in a panic. They are so desperate, they've taken to hurting children, women, and unarmed civilians.

Crybaby bullies is what they are.

I laugh at all terrorists and gave them a load of shit on some Iraqi blogs during the Iraq elections.

Who would fear a person who is such a coward they hit and run?

Cowards, with covered faces.

Why don't the good Muslims clean house? They know where to prowl in the dead of the night, slicing throats of terrorists.

Crybaby bullies, Al Queda, cowards with covered faces.

Their karma is coming.

All of the Jewcon Zionist/JUDEO-Christian international terrorist despots, and their Jew monopoly media bullhorn bobbleheads, are expressing shock and remorse at the senseless loss of human life all the while killing and maiming 10's of thousands of men, women, children, and infants in Afganistan and Iraq.

Now, if the Jewcon, aka, Neocon, regime depots were expressing genuine concern for the loss of innocent life they would withdraw the battalion sized security details that are protecting them. The Iraqi Freedom Fighters would much rather kill the Jewcon despots - the real targets - than ordinary people, but cannot reach the real targets because of the impenetrable security shields around them.

I call on the Jewcon Zionist JUDEO-Christian despots around the world - Blair, Bush, Howard,, and their cabinet officials, deputies, assistants, everybody - to remove their personnal security detachments so that innocent lives need not be sacrificed in their stead! Let's see how much they really care about the innocent loss of life. :D


Why don't the good Muslims clean house?

This is the million dollar question.

Peter wrote @9:
The only problem with that is that the Irish Republican movement isn't really a religious kind of thing. Its actually a pretty secular celtic nationalist movement.
I know ;-)
My comment was my (twisted as usual ?) way of suggesting that focusing on the religious aspect, be it Muslim or Christian, maybe isn't the most productive way of approaching the issues at hand, which have rather deep political, societal, economic or cultural roots...

Twin blasts...series of blasts in a bustling metropolis....reminds me of another nightmare, still fresh in the minds of many.

I wonder of these people sit down with a calm mind beforehand and try to analyze the consequences of their plans, whether it makes any sense for their 'cause' or whether it just sucks them deeper into the realm of MINDLESS-Frustration-Venting.

The most populated place in NY is in high rise buildings. The most populated place in London is in the tube and buses.
They are the sme group, who was resposible. The most polpulated place in Spain is in the commuter trains? It is predictabe. The next target might be Rome. Where is the most populated place in Rome?


Pretty much the entire world thinks the Iraq war was a terrible idea. The war had some of the largest protests ever.

The leaders didn't listen to their people and they even lied to get the job started. This is a well documented fact.

When you reduce this to a relgious war you're missing the point. It's about money and control. Our planet needs oil, the parts of the planet the want it badly enough are taking it. It's wrong and it's not stopping.

However, when you make this into an anti-jewish/christian message, I really think you're even worse than our massively screwed up leaders.

@Jacob. Your comments are intelligent and sober, but I'd advise against taking Pectral's bait.

@Mike B

While I understand not feeding the trolls, it's an issue that builds in peoples minds if you don't address it. There are people who actually still believe that jews control the world by some sort of proxy. It's a sad state of affairs and technically, he's not trolling if he believes it.

That's all I'll say on the issue in anycase.


That's cool. And you're right. It's old-fashioned anti-semitism. The common thread with folks who subscribe to it is that they almost always have wires crossed and circuits shorted upstairs. Weak minded fools who can't get over the fact that their parents didn't love them as they scurry about the surface of the Earth.

18- Jacob Appelbaum

I'm not the one reducing it to narrow cultist paradigms, it is the Jewcon, aka, Neocon, nut cases in ZOG occupied Washington, D.C., London, and Sydney, and the international Jew monopoly media Hymiewood entertainment combine who are and have been casting the 'conflict' as a clash of divergent cult dogmas; JUDEO-Christian (which embraces their unholy tenet's promise of Jews returning to their unholy land to await the second coming of their little god-christ) cult extremism versus Muslim cult fanaticism.

I'm simply conveying the realities of the situation as they are. I, personally, don't believe in any cult, god idol, prophesy, spiritual, incense burning folderol, anymore than I believe in the tooth fairy. Some of the nut jobs in power apparently do though.

Once again, I call on all the Jewcon crack pots, Bush, Blair, Howard, et. al., to order an immediate withdrawal of their Praetorian Guard units so that no more innocent lives will be lost in their stead. The Iraqi Freedom Fighters, Muslim Warriors can then focus all of their assault efforts on the Jewcon despots and regime staffs exclusively. That's who the Iraqi Freedom Fighters & Muslim Warriors want to kill, so let them.

Pectral -

You have crossed the line by advocating murder and as a result you may find that you have attracted unwanted attention to yourself.

What line, Jew Boy? The only lines are in that shrunken head of yours.

No, actually what the state sponsored Zionist/JUDEO-Christian international terrorists, and their Jew monopoly media Hymiewood entertainment combine cheerleaders are advocating, guilty of, and actively perpetrating in Iraq and Afganistan, is murder.

I say again, call off the Praetorian Guards so no more innocent blood is shad in lieu of the Jewcon, aka, Neocon, regime officials! Let them die for their cause, not others.

You are saying that all Jews are worthy of death. If there is a peaceful or rational side to you, I have not seen it. Your mind is like jello.

I am not Jewish nor am I Christian, but I know that hatred like yours represents the head of the snake that bit London today. And poisonous snakes cannot be negotiated or reasoned with. Like Jacob said, it is those like you who attempt to inspire hatred in others that are the real source of terrorism and other problems in the world.

As for your peurile insults against me, just know that they don't phase me. If you saw me in person, you would take in my obvious physical size and strength and your eyes would grow wide with fear. I'm done with you, but feel free to prattle on.

25- Mike B.

"As for your peurile insults against me, just know that they don't phase me. If you saw me in person, you would take in my obvious physical size and strength and your eyes would grow wide with fear."

You're delusional.

Go sniff some more glue.


Pectral's rantings and petty insults are inappropriate to your forum. This is not a "free speech" issue -- if he wants to rant about Zionist conspiracies and insult people, there are plenty of other more appropriate venues. It is standard for many discussion boards to disallow hate speech and those that promote it. I hope you will take action to remove him.

I don't think anyone should censor Pectral. Certainly not you Joi. Let his ideas out in the open, he's so far off base that he himself will be his descreditor.

The real key to destroying ideas like his is to expose them to the light of reason. Bring them into the open and people can examine their flaws.

Simply by the lack of merit in his statements he will push people against him.

We don't need to compromise our ideals about freedom of speech to hold the higher moral or ethical ground. We're already there.

To 27- Mark

Really? Then what about 21- Mike B. and 23- Mike B. insults and veiled threats? Shouldn't they also be censored?

What about the Jewcon, aka, Neocon, state sponsored Zionist/JUDEO-Christian international terrorists, and their international Jew monopoly media Hymiewood entertainment combine's insults and threats? They should be censored as well?

28- Jacob Appelbaum

"I don't think anyone should censor Pectral. Certainly not you Joi. Let his ideas out in the open, he's so far off base that he himself will be his descreditor."

Is that an insult? I'll suffer the eternal damnation of being descredited?


Everyone needs to lighten up a little. You're taking yourselves far to seriously when nobody else does.

What I've written cannot be disproved because it is the accurate portrayal of the unfortunate realities.

If you're waiting for corroborative affirmation from thoroughly discredited international Jew monopoly media Hymiewood entertainment combine sources don't hold your breath.

Those things I've revealed above are for Zionist Kosher eyes only not suitable for ordinary Jewish folk and Gentile consumption, hence you shall not ever see it in any completely unreliable, discredited, mass distributed mainstream media formats - Jew tube, commercial radio, Jewspapers, ragazines, books, etc.

Consider yourselves fortunate to have read and become informed by it. Now you can feel a little smarter than your sheople counterparts wending their way through life with their politically corrected blinders on.

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