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I just Skyped from the plane using the Boeing Connextion system. It worked. ;-) It was a bit laggy and I probably should use a better headset, but it works. Yay!


Great! Now, I don't have to pay expensive $5/min satellite calls anymore. I wish airlines in the US start connexion service soon. Maybe I can watch live TV through my tv server.

I've gotten quite a few reports from our listeners who have been listening to our 128k audio streams with no problems on the Connexion-equipped flights. So watching live TV from your TV server shouldn't be a problem!

Conexion by boeing gives you what is basically a 384k shared pipe over a satellite link. No wonky filtering or proxying, no NAT, no transparent DNS redirection stupidity .. so stuff works just great.

If you are on the runway or somewhere near a major airport you are going to see a considerable lag. But in the air, even on a major airway, you'll get most of this pipe - especially if you are about the only guy using your laptop + the internet on the plane (night flights and that's quite likely).

Though how long this will last when airlines see their revenues from $5 per minute satellite phone calls dropping to near zero levels remains to be seen

Well, you also have the problem with any wireless-based backhaul service that things will degrade as more people use the service. You'll be able to skype or voip with two or three people using the link, but it's hard to imagine things working as well when it becomes more mainstream.

So can you see the Verizon logo on the phones in transatlantic airplanes being replaced with Skype?

Congrats! It seems the next achievement will be for 2 people flying on 2 different airplanes to skype each other ;) Try Loïc or Marc on their next flights!

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