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Spain was beautiful. Dry and sunny. Last night Paris was a bit wet, but nice. I landed today in a hot, muggy Tokyo lined up for a direct hit by a Typhoon. (Technically, I think it's a tropical storm.) I am about to head out to go to a Ryuichi Sakamoto concert where my cousin Cornelius will be joining him. I am trying to figure out the route that is least likely to get shut down. Various trains routes have been shut down. I can already imagine the frustrated crowds of Japanese office workers stranded in Tokyo, sloshing around in the hot wetness with broken umbrellas.

I wish I could shutter my house and just stay home, but tonight is the last night of the performance. Anyway, the show should be great and the trip... interesting.


A lot of Japanese office workers were allowed to leave office early tonight to avoid the storm. For once, many will be able to spend the evening with family. Not to bad a tyfoon once in a while.

Bring something to read! The trip sounds most intriguing - long and potentially quite crazy. Chances are good, Joi, that you'll have a camera in case there's something worth observing for the rest of us!

sounds like fun! Sakamoto is one of my favorites, especially when he has David Sylvian singing for him!

I think the storm missed us. It was windy and rainy going out, but when the show was over, the storm was gone. Everyone had left, so the town was quiet. However, it was hard to find a place to eat.

On the other hand, the show was packed with determined fans and it was a great show. Thanks Ryuichi, Keigo and the rest of the band!

Can you just sit still for a couple of minutes?

All of that globe trotting has my head spinning.

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