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When I was over at the Mozilla offices, I got some Firefox shirts. Since I'm mostly couch surfing this trip (thanks to everyone for letting me sack out at their places) I've been wearing machine washable schwag [WP]. What is interesting about wearing the Firefox shirt is that I get a special "look" from people. It reminds me of the "look" people gave me when I was wearing a teamsters jacket in downtown Detroit. It's the "I'm on your side" look. I get compliments and "looks" wearing schwag for other organizations I'm affiliated with, but the Firefox "look" includes the "my company tries to make me use Microsoft Internet Explorer, but I use Firefox..." smile.


I get similar looks from people. Sometimes people ask if I work for Firefox and I just tell them anyone can, just go home and improve your favorite feature.

Niall: When people ask if you work for Firefox you should just reply "What's Firefox?" That'll confuse 'em.

Plus, it’s a very snazzy design.

Vaguely reminds me of a post-apolocalyptic resistance sort of scenario where workers share knowing looks with each other.

I get _far_ more comments on my firefox tshirt (which I happen to be wearing today), than any other tshirt I've ever owned. It's almost errie. And half the people don't even know what firefox is - they just dig the logo. Goes to show how much good artwork can further your cause...

Joi! This is unusual for you, and congratulations! I get my own kicks out of wearing T-shirts that nobody would expect me to wear, like an Harley-Davidson biker's shirt, just because of the looks that I get.

Still, I was wandering if you could read people's minds, or you were getting feedback from the onlookers, or you are interpreting those looks?

Joi, this is you posting, right?

The atom feed still has every post marked as authored by Thomas Crampton.

Dan: Oops! My bad. Thanks. I'll see if I can fix it. I'll post as myself from now on. ;-)

I got a semweb T-Shirt from danbri (with a hand from libby), which is pretty much a winner as well. The motive can be seen on Yeah, I got it for taking over the RDF module in Mozilla. I had it on on XTech in Amsterdam, and we had more prominent folks wearing Firefox gear, so wearing some other schwag was allright.

The checkout bagger at whole foods saw my shirt and got really excited about firefox. Started telling me about how he gave up IE. I was like right on dude!

Hehe, I've experienced the same thing. I got the tshirt where it says "Take back the web" on the back and people ask me what that means and what this Firefox thing is. Others have just said "Firefox is cool" to me :)

I want one of these T-shirts.

You should see the looks I get when I wear my Firefox shirt and hat to work at Microsoft.

But, then, I like causing trouble. I wear my IE shirt in Silicon Valley too.

But has anyone tried wearing a teamsters jacket to work at Microsoft? Now that I'd like to hear about ...

couple of things
fyi it is swag which is an old acronym for "So What Another Gift"
wild right
kinda like posh = "Port Out Starboard Home"

anyway i agree that is in fact schwag by any other name
and wouldnt it be nice if we could get these companies to support organic cotton and other sustainable practices with their advertising dollars

this is a super cool plugin for firefox
you should make a whole posting about this

I've always used swag as:

Stuff We All Get
Stuff We Acquired Gratis

hi all.

i'd like to get a firefox T-Shirt, is't available in China? any help would be most appreciated.

Can I Spread My "Spread The FireFox" Blog Here.

I use this at school all the time are school tries to make us use it but im sneaky.

I want to get one of these for a while, but I know my self when I start to use my credit car I won't stop until it's embty :S

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