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Vint Cerf just left MCI to join Google. Congratulations Vint!

Interesting in the context of eBay buying Skype...

UPDATE: Google press release


Iiinteresting. They should get Ted Nelson though, as they are building his Xanadu for him...

Hi Joi.

Your blog that I regulary read is nice. This post leads to some questions.

Can you explain us how it is possible to be the president of the ICANN, i.e. an international non-profit organization responsible of internet, and in the same time employed by one of the most important corporation in IT ? Do you think that it will possible to manage the interest conflicts between these two functions? How the democratic rules of the ICANN can manage this fact ?

Hi Dial. Many of the the board members are involved in some way in the IT industry. Time to time, conflicts will arise, and these are disclosed to and dealth with in the conflicts of interest committee. Vint is the chairman, but all 15 board members have a very strong voice. I do not think Vint's new position has any significant conflict of interest issues, and may, in fact, have less than when he was at MCI. I'm not sure. But I'm confident that Vint will disclose any as they come up.

Just going to show that Google really CAN hire whomever they want right now!

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