Weird, very Japanese and funny. Yahoo! goes hard gay.

UPDATE: I talked a friend of mine who has some elementary school kids. He said Hard Gay is all the rage and that all the kids walk around constantly doing the funny pelvic thrust that Hard Gay does.


Someone needs to get some of those anime fansubbers to translate this!

Or, someone needs to learn Japanese! =)
I love this man.

Zo! Nice massage stance.

This is excellent. :)

Hah! Funny as usual... I like how he always gets away with stuff on the basis of people basically being afraid to touch him to stop him... :)

Kee does the "Say! Say!" thing, putting her hand in my face. It's very hilarious.

Hmmm...Hard Gay, Pelvic Thrusts, and Kancho. Is it any wonder why the birth rate is so unsustainably low?

I have to agree about the Elementary school kids - and I'm getting it from my Junior High school students as well. Hooooooo. :-(

Is it any wonder why the birth rate is so unsustainably low?

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