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My minor hand operation this week highlighted to me how journalism/blogging are literally manual labor.

Also, my ability to tell many people about this injury reminds me of how repetitive strain injury/carpal tunnel syndrome only became something of broad public concern when the chattering classes (ie: white collar workers, including journalists) were hit due to their typing on computer keyboards.

Throughout the industrial revolution, however, the same problem had afflicted manual laborers who could not bring their problem to a wider audience. (Lately there seem to be fewer complaints about it here at the International Herald Tribune, perhaps because there is a greater understanding of ergonomics.)

Must be many examples of diseases that only became well known when they also became diseases of the rich. Any interesting ones?


Um, Joi, shouldn't that read "journalism/blogging/GAMING"? ;) Wishing you a speedy recovery....

you want to wish Tom Crampton that considering he posted it :)

D'oh! Sorry Tom/Joi! But I am glad to hear that Joi's recent Year-of-the-Rooster gaming binge hasn't taken its toll on his hand as I feared.

AIDS awareness through the years can probably be described as BMJ and AMJ (Before- and After-Magic-Johnson). Nobody really cared about Keith Haring and all those queers.

opium addiction.

I'm not sure the original supposition makes sense. Carpal is an injury common among people who do a lot of typing for a living, not rich people, and arguably not even the upper-middle class. I'd say it's the same class of worker that used to do manual labor during the industrial revolution.


I guess that depends on your definition of rich.

I consider anyone rich who has a university education and is at or above the lower-middle class income for an OECD country.

Being rich is more about having time and freedom to make choices about your life than having bagfulls money.

This question is actually probably worth it own posting to see what other people consider as the definition of rich...

When I first heard about carpal tunnel it was known as "meat packer's syndrome." This must have been back in the early 1990s. Interesting how it's never called that anymore, and how you never really heard about it under that name. (Lots more keyboard jockeys around than meat packers, I guess.)

Does liberalism count as a disease?


Do Bohemian artists dying in a garret in an opera count as rich? Or just wealthy entertainment? From mineworkers to dying artists and poets.

Religion may count as a disease... =/

Being rich is having more time for it self

usrbingeek wrote @9:
Does liberalism count as a disease?
Education is the disease, and liberalism is only a symptom.

Hey tom if rich implies option of doing what one wants- then how about the native indians in brazilian amazon forests ?? They have no concept of money, and if don't have the choice of doing somwthing or whatever, then they become easy prey for the anocondas !!

Same world-different reality.


Re: 7- Thomas Crampton

That's one popular definition among the indoctrinated, loquacious, lecturing class. My definition of 'rich' is that of a sovereign man/women imbued with natural born freedoms, rights, and liberties. No heavily armed police state mandated obligations, commitments, responsibilities, appointments or promises to keep.

In America, or just our scoiety in general where people actualy live beyond reproductive age, wouldn't you say any old-age disease is a disease of the rich? Anyway, I would qualify the following as diseases of the rich: Alzheimers, whatever makes you need triple-bypass surgery, and erectile dysfunction.

Because, like God, some individuals don't think in it.

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