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I'm at the San Francisco airport and after a long wait in line at security, a big grumpy-looking security officer looked at the Rock Lee sticker on my PowerBook. (My sister bought it in Akihabara for me.) He beamed and said, "hey! Rock Lee!" We smiled at each other and had a Japanese Anime moment.

Rock Lee is probably my favorite Naruto character. He is pretty uncool, has no magic and wins by just trying very hard. His teacher is also very uncool and they wear these matching silly green jumpsuits. It's interesting to see who people's favorite characters are in Naruto since they're all pretty weird and very different.


I'm partial to Broc Lee myself.

Hi Joi ! Looks like we were both at SF airport today - I will be back in Japan next week - it would be great to meet up in Kobe or Tokyo. Adam. L

Im curious Joi if you watch naruto in Japanese or English.

actually thats a stupid question now that i think of it....they are subs after all...

I watch it in Japanese, both with subs and without. I can understand the Japanese, but sometimes it's fun to see the sub-titles.

Joi - just to burst your bubble - there is only one anime/manga that rocks and that is FULICULI!!!!

Joi, I'm so disapointed... Naruto is one of the worst anime I've ever seen. Scenario is as poor as character designer, and it's getting as boring as Dragon Ball Z

neuro, what ep are you on?

The current ones are quite boring and just wandering around. But it should get better soon, once they are ready to show Sasuke again :D

I'm probably more into Kakashi or Orochimaru


FuriCuri is for otakus!

The rest of us less hard core animaniacs are quite happy with Naruto (even though the filler episodes of the past 4 months are pissing me off too).

Question for everyone here - how do you get your hands on Naruto?

Everytime I see Furi Curi written, I can't help but think of FLCL... that really spaced out short anime series.


Joi: I stopped after about 10 episodes.

It was too damn ugly for me, and too boring too.
I tried to watch some other episodes with friends (about 90-100) and really thought about DBZ all the time.

Naturo is kinda hurting these days with all the non-manga based stories. It just feels like it's missing something (though it was great to see Hinatae finally kick ass!). Bleach is keeping me company these days.

Rock Lee, with his emotions and determination, is very endearing. But my favorite has to be Shikamaru and Chouji, what a pair. I miss their presence in Part 2.

Naruto on anime is good but I think the manga is still better. I just enjoying both :) Btw Joi, I wonder if the subtitle on animes are actually translating Japanese correctly. We don't want to get the wrong meaning of a conversation, do we?

Oh, is Fuliculi the same as FLCL? then it's... nice :)

Joi, what episode are you on now?

Eric: I'm not sure if it's the same thing. But they did use the word furi kuri alot in FLCL... and from both that anime and others, I've gotten the impression that it's a slang for "tits". Can't find it in my dictionary though... can you confirm Joi?

yay! Rock lee XD Lee can brighten anyone's day, even a grumpy security guard XD

Rock Lee can use "magic" or chakra... he walkings on water like Jesus, remember?...

But the Anime Sux big time! The dubs is a joke!! And damn those filler episodes!!!

Go read the Manga, you can download the latest from ...or read online from...

I completely agree, Rock Lee is my favorite. Also Naruto is the best!! I watch japanese but I got a taste of english on some video game clips... naruto sounds like he lost 70 IQ points

Actually he cannot use chakra, he has whats called spiritual energy, which is generated by a strong will and an even stronger beleif, Dont be confused by the two. he never uses chakra even when hes preforming the Renge's(lotus attacks). I am a vivid Rock Lee fan and I have never seen him use his chakra to repel and attract surfaces(I.E. water, trees, etc...). Give me the episode where he does this and I will mail you a cookie. Rock Lee is awesome and he gave Sasuke exactly what he deserved in ep. 22.

lol i like rock lee too hes not very cool but i like him because he trys, i think is cool for him to like sakura, even though she likes sasuke... poor rock lee! but keep trying! :)

OMG! I LOVE LEE! I find him cool, strong, and cute! I guess i'm on the crazy side but, hey! EVERYONE needs a really psycotic fangirl don't they?


Iam totaly in luv w/ Lee & Kakashi!!!!!!!! they r soooo hot!!!!!!

Oh i love rock lee and gai sensei i think their both uber hot!!!! *huggles Lee* i love his eyebrows and his round fish eyes! >..

OMG! I absolutly LOVE Lee! :( I mean who cant love Lee!?!
PS: Dont dis the eye brows!
PSS:Lee rocks your socks and you KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock lee has to be my favorite character because i love his look. He is so charming too. I have a autograph from the guy who plays Rock Lee^.^

0.o Rock Lee makes my eyeballs pop out, lol he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot, omg i could ..... **Evil Grin Goes Over Face**, lol jk, but he's awesome, even though i still can't get use to gai....

It's me again, ok let me get this straightened up, ok the loser who said that rock lee doesn't use chakra, ya right !!!!!!!, that is important, when u open up the 8 gates, it automatically releases the chakra to let the user use it freely, when lee uses u even see it for crying out loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, pluss in flash backs,in the japanese versions, gai sensei is talking about how the chakra consumes his body as he uses the lotus's. lol hope that sums it up for u, lol. okey dokey............. go lee !!!!!!!! ^_^

i love you people!!i'm the greatest die hard fan of rock lee becoz rock lee rocksz my world..he looks ugly ryt?but 4 me he's very cute..i love him more than i love mathematics..gosh!!he's 103 lbs ryt?and always 13 y/o.nov 27..5'2''..and type a!!!i love him....go rock lee...i wish u were real....(^_____________^)!!!