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Heather Ford and her crew in South Africa have launched 'Copyright, copyleft and everything in between'.
The Learning Commons
'Copyright, copyleft and everything in between' is a multimedia curriculum on copyright alternatives in South Africa. It covers the social and economic impact of technology from an African perspective, focusing specifically on the origins of copyright and the impact of open source software and open content on African development. The materials have been released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike South Africa licence which enables you to freely copy and share the files, make derivatives (including translations) - even for commercial use (as long as you attribute us and licence the derivative under the same terms)! Download it here, order the published copy or contact us for more details.
I think educational tools are a great application for Creative Commons, and they've done a brilliant job. Between Heather Ford's work with Creative Commons with Mark Shuttleworth's worth with Ubuntu Linux (It's still running my Asterisk install.), South Africa is quickly becoming one of the coolest places on the planet. Thanks for this Heather.


While we all laud the work of Mark Shuttleworth etal the high costs of bandwidth and internet in general is doing great harm to South Africa. Our local telco is a bloodsuckng leech. ->forums

Is anyone else having difficulty connecting to that site? I'd love to check it out, but can't.