Calling Abbi in the studio to coordinate...
Abbi from the Situation Room emailed me just as I was about to leave Croatia asking me to join Rebecca MacKinnon on a segment for the Situation Room today. (This is the second time. The first time was in August.) We just finished recording. It will air on CNN Domestic 7 PM Eastern Time on Saturday and 1 PM Eastern Time on Sunday. Rebecca talked about global voices and I talked about blogs being conversations. Nothing new to readers here, but felt good having a chance to say it on CNN. I also quoted Thomas Crampton's post about how the IHT only gets 30 letters to the editor while we often get more comments on blog posts.

Abbi who runs the segment that we were in reads our blogs and is totally into blogs and new technology. CNN is lucky to have her. Her segment has a refreshing style and is something new... something we didn't have last year as far as I know. At least some of the main stream media is working well with us. I just realized that I was on CNN talking about what Thomas from the IHT was saying on my blog. Holy MSM remix. That's a lot of progress from last year... at least from my perspective.


One could say that there is something going on which can be called "The Learning Media Revolution" and the Bloggers were the ones lighting the fire!

One could say that there is something going on which can be called "The Learning Media Revolution" and the Bloggers were the ones lighting the fire!

Great to see that you are blogging again, and on the road after some WoW introspection.

Darn it! Missed it.

I'll try and remember tomorrow.

Your blog is on CNN's On the Story right now. Oh heck. You know that - you're on webcam. Niiiice!

I saw you on CNN this morning. I liked what you had to say about blogs, and that you were able to say it globally. Thanks.

Dear Joi:

All the world's a stage and you need better lighting. Seriously man, it looked like you were in a fish tank, the screen was so blue.

Aside from that it was fine, as far as it went. News light, but then it is CNN. You need to get invited back for one of the tech heavy segments on one of their business shows or on "Reliable Sources"

Slightly off the subjects at hand, but,
As in all we are taught , there are (3) three main elements involved . eg. Fire ---Oxygen, Fuel , and Flame.
Would there be a common sense approach to cessation of the conflicts now involved in- Afghanistan, Pakistan, seeking and identifying the insurgents arms suppliers, (the flame element) interrupt the supply of arms ,by whatever means (sanctions- a long time favorite) and permit logic to simplify the solution.
There is the possibility it could save lives, on both sides.
A curious "Good Neighbour" Canadian.
Retired serviceman.

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