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I wonder why Dubai is blocking Flickr. Aren't they trying to become the center of media in the Middle East? More info on Metblogs Dubai.


The sheiks love to block stuff that can possibly have pr0n content in it .. so if there's some people uploading pics of themselves wearing bikinis onto flickr, they're on it and block flickr as a result.

Nothing new .. if you do happen to be in dubai and have any sort of clue you learn to get, and use, an off country proxy or ssh tunnel to route your http traffic.

Freedom is on the march!

When I was there recently I actually couldn't upload any pictures at all. FTP, web interfaces... everything. No uploading. The firewall there is actually pretty clever. I wasn't able to find a free-world proxy with a port about 12000, so the only way I was ever able to upload pictures was through a Citrix connection through my office in the US.

well u see im from dubai... i was a member in flickr.. and i do know why they have blocked flickr... and it isnt the sheikhs who block Suresh Ramasubramanian said...

Its etisalat who blocks flickr!! i was shocked when i gOt the news,,, and when i asked why they said because some of the girls pr boyZ HERE are putting nude pics.. which is against our culture and religion... and this is the 2nd time they block flickr here in the UAE(dubai) .. because they gave us a second chance of opening flickr here but some of our flickr members here in the country kept on posting and uploading nude pics.. so flickr is blocked and we have no problem against it!!

Well, the problem is some businesses, specially the ones dealing with social media and photographers, will be hit by this... Well just looking at this page I see how Joi got affected, first thing we see here is a missing picture :)

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