I'm going to Berlin for the 22nd Chaos Computer Congress. I'll be in Berlin the 27th-30th of December. I'm going to be working on my notes for the talk on my wiki. I also made a page for my schedule. If you'd like to get together or can recommend events that I should attend, please add them to the wiki. Thanks!


My grandmother lives in Berlin. It is quite a calm place for a big city, the capital of Germany. I think you'll like it.

etoy will be present with 5 or 6 agents... and we still have one of the etoy.TANKS in the city (last days) so let's do an etoy.CONSPIRACY-TANK-DINNER with some of your and our friends +nerds!

Hey Joi, could you blog something about - Tarvi Martens talk ?

He is the Estonian authority on computer security and networking and the person who made the first internet voting system for a democratic election. I think that is a significate archivement for a person and a country.

Yes, 223C is really going to be a good convention !!

Hi Joi,

you should meet Stan (stan (at) cscout.com). He is working on a project called www.Semapedia.org - the physical wikipedia.

He will also present the Semapedia project at the conference.
CScout (www.cscout.com) is supporting-partner of the Semapedia.org project.


Looks like your wiki is in serious trouble...

Hi Joi,

I have written a preview on 22C3 on www.mobiliser.org and you might find some good recommendations there for you. And I also wait for details regarding your video shooting plans at 22C3.

I look forward to seeing you in Berlin.


;-) Yeah. Trying to fix wiki now.


I could not find it on the schedule. Where / when is the Semapedia project being presented.



Peter, thanks for the link but I still can't find the Semapedia project on the events list. I'm probably searching for the wrong think.

Yes let's meet in Berlin.
I repeat a post in German.
Ja auf alle warten wir in Berlin.

great keynote, mate! really enojoyed it.

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