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As many of you know, I've been spending most of my free time in World of Warcraft. We started the guild on September 3 and the guild is now 67 accounts and 109 players big. I've hit level 60 which is currently the maximum level for the game. My sister pointed out to me that most people really aren't that interested in the details of what goes on inside these games, but I thought I'd give you a short update.

It turns out that although it's quite a struggle to get to level 60, it's really just the beginning when you get to this maximum level. After that, there are several tiers of better equipment that you need to get in order to be tough enough to do the more difficult quests. Each item you need requires doing quests with groups of trusted friends. One of the difficulties at this level is that the groups of trusted friends you need to complete quest increases from five, to ten to twenty to forty. To do a forty person raid, you either need a very large guild or alliances with other guilds. I find myself spending a great deal of time networking with other guilds and players to try to put together the dream team while trying to grow our own guild. One of the tensions in growing a guild is that on the one hand, you want a small, friendly and social guild. On the other hand, you want a guild with enough diversity and number of high level players to go on quests together. We are slowing running into the growing pains of any growing community. However, like the #joiito community, which seems to have hit a stable size and culture, I'm confident that our guild will be fine considering the quality of core people we have.

I'm going to stop talking about Warcraft too much on my main blog. If you are interested, I suggest visiting Jonkichi's blog where he will be talking about his adventures. (Jonkichi is my character in WoW.) For other interesting blogs, I would suggest Kazpah's blog and Bastiana's blog.


Joi have you ever tinkered with Google Earth/KML war stuff ?? its here

I've never played it. Looks interest.

At least it's good to know that they go to level 60 max. When you run across NPCs (and even PCs) with "??" instead of an actual level listed (it's happened too often during the week or so that I've played the game), well...

Liz: You'll see ?? when the NPC is a certain amount of levels above your current level. I'm not sure what the threshold is, but if you're seeing ??'s it usually means you're in an area far out of your league.

Hmmm.... Magmadar, even to a level 60, is still ?? =D

My guild is now in MC farming. Have a 60 priest, 60 sham, and am currently lvling a druid (34.)

Are you horde or alliance? what server?

I just thought I would let someone know that my daughter is wanting to play W.O.W. with her brother online. She got the game over a month ago and it is taking forever to load it up. We are still working on loading all the patches in that it takes to play the game. I feel that is rediculous for any game. I am hoping that it doesn't take all her 30 day free time on here just loading it.