I recently heard about lobbyists in Europe fighting for the rights of peer-to-peer software users by employing a peer-to-peer platform to analyze the law extremely quickly.

Any other recent examples/new uses of peer-to-peer software in politics?


I am exceptionally interested in this (I'm currently looking at the UK parliment as a huge, yet important, game of Nomic).

Do you have any details?

If I understood, I think we may be coming at the same issue from different sides.

I am after real world uses of online platforms in politics and you are looking at politics as a variation on a game.

I'll let you know if I hear anything from my side and you please do the same!

Hi, I've been tracking the relation between P2P and politics, though not restricted to filesharing software.

Here are the special issues of P2P News you might have a look at:

106 - Contemporary P2P Political Movements
105 - Cooperative Individualism in historical political movements
104 - Deliberative and Participative Political Practices

The upcoming issue 115 is about P2P and political mobilization. You can find them at

There are various directory resources, an encyclopedia, a resource directory, a who's who etc.. located at

I'm interested in any updates,

Michel Bauwens

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