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MX TV and Digital Garage approached me about hosting a TV show on MX TV's new terrestrial digital high definition broadcast channel. The market is quite small, covering only Tokyo and only viewable by people who have terrestrial digital tuners, but the good thing is that I'd be free to do just about anything I want. Starting July, they will broadcast to mobile phones with the proper tuners as well.

Originally, the plan was to start in April, but I'm arguing that we should push the launch back to July when we have the mobile phone viewers. This will also give me a bit more time to organize this. I've hosted TV shows in the past and I'm not particularly fond of them, but it sounded like I would have a lot of freedom and since it looks like they will agree to allowing me to license all of the content under a Creative Commons BY license, we could all use the footage for other stuff and maybe I could launch a video blog.

I just set up a wiki page where I will be posting thoughts and ideas. Justin Hall will be helping me shoot some footage for the show at SXSW as well. If you're interested in participating in this project in some way, sign up on the wiki or comment here. It's still basically wide open at the moment, but here's what I have in mind.

- Weekly live broadcast for 30 min, Sat night 10 PM JST broadcast on MX TV as well as the net

- Show and B-Roll material available for download

- Active integration of #joiito IRC channel for feedback and participation

- Japan blog roundup using Technorati Japan

- Interviews of bloggers and other people by pre-recorded video and video conferencing/iChat AV

- Feature Global Voices stories

- Feature Metroblogging bloggers

- See if I can do interviews in Second Life or World of Warcraft

- Feature amateur and viewer content and try to collaborate with schools and artists to make cool stuff

- Video blog format output of show

Anyway, we have a few more week before I have to start actually committing to the format so any thoughts on what would be cool would be greatly appreciated.


Umm. Will the show be in English or Japanese?

so who will the target viewers be? Über users? Über bloggers? Über gamers?

Will it be about how people use technology?
How technology can be used to empower people?
How technology is used by creative people?

I like the idea of integrating with irc - personally, I think it would be great if every TV channel had an associated irc channel. Watching the tele is a perfect example of a half-attention activity where you can follow the pretty pictures and type at the same time - and anything that makes watching the box less antisocial seems really appealing.

I do wonder, though, how you'd overcome the language problem if you used #joiito as your tv show's backchannel. English is the lingua franca there, and I'm not sure how you'd include Japanese speakers in the conversations there. And a good chunk of the regulars wouldn't be able to watch the show, either because of language or because they aren't in the right country to receive it.

Still think it's an awesome idea though; there must be some way to work round the problems

I SO want to be interviewed in WoW as a troll. somehow seems ironic.

Hi, I work in the Graduate School of Social Sciences at Hitotsubashi (Kunitachi). I'm hoping to teach my autumn 情報行動文化論 class for grad students entirely within Second Life, although I still have to work out the details. We use mostly Japanese in class. Please get in touch if you think there might be something of interest to you.

backchannel tv audience participation seems very engaging to a large proportion of viewers these days - witness some of the music channels and big brother programs that have a constant sms scroller at the bottom of the screen for instance. Mass participation and discussion via IRC has a solid background of conference use and I think it will integrate well with this project too.

wired tv...

We'll do it in English with some on-the-fly Japanese translations for the live stuff and subtitles for the video. For now, I'm planning on just doing stuff that I'm interested in and try to attract people who are interested in watching. (Instead of trying to do it to some particular target audience.) I'm not getting paid enough to want this to be real "work". Like my blog, I think it will only work if it's fun.

As the organizer of a conference in the US (MeshForum - on Networks of all types) I've seen firsthand the impact of distributing content online as a supplement to an offline event. We've reached something like 1000x more people online (through IT Conversations) then off.

So a thought - perhaps you can use video from conference - both while you travel yourself to conferences and/or when your readers/viewers/irc chat members are at conferences and events. Probably not the on stage events (for most conferences) but perhaps the demos in the trade show, or interviews and conversations with other attendees.

(and if anyone reading this wants to attend MeshForum we're offering a discount thru tomorrow and also have some spaces reserved for media and some limited additional speaking slots open)

The show sounds like a great idea. I have a relative who has been a sportscaster for about twenty years. Two or three years ago he also started doing a sports radio call in show for two hours a day, four days a week and he loves it. It is a great creative outlet and in a longer, less rigid form than his five minute stint on the news each night. Your TV show may be the equivalent of his radio show. Good luck.

BTW, are you sponsoring a meet-up at SXSW? I live in Austin and would be interested in a real-world chat.

It seems Gov. Ishihara will have a show on that same station, or am I mis-reading?

I cant imagine watching a TV show about blogging or videogames, but since we dont get digital terestrial where I live right now I wouldnt even have the option.

One of the greatest scandals of Japanese digital television is that the copy-once flag is activated for almost all content, except infomercial channels.

You should find out if they plan to switch that off during your broadcast. That would really prove they were committed to the commons and it wasn't just lip-service they are providing to the potential users.

Anyway, I look forward to it. Too bad that the MXTV DTV signal is kinda crummy where I live (in Tokyo).


Ishihara's regular press conferences are broadcast live by MXTV. The channel is funded by the Metropolitan Government.

Martyn: I am trying to provide video online for download and live streaming and there will be no DRM there.

Chris_B: Yeah, I don't think the average viewer actually needs to find this show interesting. I'm imagining people being online while they watch the show, participating in some way or imagining how they might participate. It really is an experiment and isn't so much "about bloggers and video games" as it is "made using bloggers and video games." If that makes any sense...

Oh, and yes. Gof Ishihara is on MX quite often. The irony does not escape me.

That is FAB news, sure hope that all the content with be available online for people living oustide of Tokyo.

I think you've got the right idea;

Just do what feels right to you, and the crowds will follow.

Sign me up for a guest appearance on your show Joi, where I will take on Gov. Ishihara in a falls-count-anywhere wrestling match! Make it PPV! ;)

"made using bloggers and video games" sounds a bit too much like the TV content that Future Pirates used to develop. Too much japanese TV has some silly videogame looking stuff happening on screen as is.

;-) Yeah, I don't think this is going to look like future pirates... but I do think we can do interviews in Second Life and Warcraft. I personally think that would be fun and that's all that matters. ;-P

How about doing the whole show completely from within a PC game such as Warcraft?
Don't you think you don't have to actually show up in TV in real figure? You can still talk and present things there...
I don't think you have to even talk over the voice-chat method in your real voice to the viewers but present what you (and possibly some other invited people) like to say in the chat window at he bottom of screen.

Don't know much about the MX TV's audience, but any channel should have at least one programme like this. As interactive as poss... It should have its programme themes announced in advance for those webstreaming it.

Hi,joi.It's been a long time.this project is sooooo exiting!!

hi joi..been ages stuff? world of warcraft? i'm your man!

2 elliot nott
> I SO want to be interviewed in WoW as a troll. somehow seems ironic.

Mee too :-)

How can we use You Tube API using Java. Can any one give sample code plz..

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