I'm about to leave for San Francisco for a Mozilla board meeting before heading over to South by Southwest. I've set up a wiki page to coordinate stuff I'm going to do at SXSW. Let me know if you're going to be there or if there are any events I should know about. See ya!


Joi, I'll be at SXSW and hope to see you there. - Rex

We expect to see you talk at Fray Cafe with a good story.

well jon and I are doing a small thing sunday night for LoTV on from 8-10pm at koriente.com

then I'm going to Fray after that.

I'm actually doing a day stage presentation on the American Cancer Society's Futuring and Innovation center on Monday at 11:00. Hope you can stop by.

I'll be there too, but just Saturday/Sunday - looking forward to meeting you in person. I'll have my Zen Vision:M with me - maybe we can get a few minutes for a podcast?

Be sure to pick up a TAFTP Directory if you need Film or Video people for your future plans to take over the world. Or just need some talented hired help.

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