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Wikia is the for-profit wiki company founded by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. They announced their raise today. I invested as an angel investor and will be serving on the board. Wikia will be using and contributing to the MediaWiki wiki platform that Wikipedia uses, but will provide free hosting for people who want to use the Wikia for special interests and topics. The content will be GFDL licensed. See the press release for more information.


Always like to follow what you are doing... We tried to get Jimmy Wales to talk to our new new media class on Wikipedia but he was too busy (obviously with new directions and platforms!).

Cheers. Hattie at MotherPie

Nice one Joi !

Dumb question, what's a "raise"?

I think it was a great investment I wish I had the funds in order to by a big share in Wiki but only had 10 bucks to donate towards print, I think this could be the next Google if it ever goes public ! Congratulations Jo

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