...today, Microsoft has released a free Office plug-in that enables you to mark Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) with Creative Commons licenses. This has been in the works for a while, and is an extremely cool development. The plug-in will modify the FILE menu, adding an item “Creative Commons” and then when selected, link the user out to the CC site to select a license to be inserted into the license. The first document licensed with the tool is a speech by Brazil’s Culture Minister and supercool musician, Gilberto Gil, about tropicalism. (en) (pt).
This plug-in is for the Windows version of office only and doesn't work on the Mac. However, this is a great step in the direction of mainstream software recognizing and integrating Creative Commons and I would like to thank everyone who made this happen. As Larry states in his blog post, Microsoft has been on the right side of a number of issues and should be commended when they are.

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The commendment should come only after Microsoft gives CC at least $ 50,000,000. At least. And may be per year.
Truth is Skype did their outlook plug-in without asking Microsoft about it.
So could have done CC. But of course, it' a good news.

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