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My Plazes profile page (if you click the My World tab) now shows average speed. It shows that my average speed is 1880 km/day. That's 78.33 km/hr or 48.68 miles/hr. Isn't there some Muslim wisdom that your soul can't travel faster than a camel? (I think Barlow told me this.) I wonder how fast camels can run. I'd hate to be moving faster than my soul.

UPDATE: After my last flight, my average speed went up to 2153 km/day. w00t! I think...


i think you left your soul on lh774 ;)

i've been on a camel, and i would hate to be doing 50 miles/hour on one.

I think your soul moves faster than you Ito San, specially when you drop all this feelings on your blog.

Souls can travel faster than human beings!


Put the camel on an airplane. Problem solved. ;-)

Joi, I am with Don. Put that camel on a plane and you can put your worries to bed.

They sell Camels by the carton in duty free...

Soul and Spirit is not limited by space nor time, so whatever that wisdom's meaning it isn't what literally said :)

The old wisdom is true! It's what causes jet lag.

Put your camel in a carton and ship him/her via airplain lol

There's a danger of your soul being somewhere in a slipstream above the Pacific. I dunno -- maybe the world should come to you instead.

Wasn't it Ivan Illich who said, "Tell me how fast you go and I'll tell you who you are"?

It is somewhat surprising to see so many offers to ship camels in airplanes. Guys, there're lots of new space companies, which could send a camel to an orbit.

BTW, there's old wisdom about pictures too. How does email attachment with camel photo or picture count?

I'm not a regular reader, so excuse my ignorance if you have posted on this before, but...

I'm not sure that your large amount of travel is anything to celebrate, your ecological footprint must be frightening. I hope you at least attempt to offset some of the carbon emissions you are frittering away as your capital literally goes up in (fossil fuel) smoke. When searching for your 'soul', if you indeed have 'left it' somewhere ;-) you might want to consider your ethical standpoint on your seemingly large personal contribution to climate change.