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I've started getting a rhythm in my swimming and end up staying between and hour and an hour and a half in the pool. I've been going around five times a week. I just realized that this might be a good time to catch up on my music. Jeff sent me a few links to possible solutions from Kiefer Online. (Aqua Tune II / Swimmers Waterproof MP3 Player ) Has anyone tried either of these or know of something else that actually works without causing too much drag or being dangerous to other people sharing a lane?

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I'm pretty sure you own an iPod. Check this website it might be useful.


Both the Aqua Tune and the H2O Audio will make it difficult to swim freestyle (or any of the strokes for that matter) since the media player will be on the arm. The problem then becomes the wiring and keeping it from a) causing drag and b) having the earpiece pulled from the ear. The MP3 player that snaps onto the back of the cap will be the best. Also, has it on special right now...
Let me know if you have any other swimming questions.


I don't listen to music while swimming, but yesterday I talked with another swimmer who had one of those ipod housings. The biggest problem was that headphones tended to come off doing flip turns. Maybe wearing a cap would help with that. In fact, you could possibly tuck the whole thing inside the cap - though it might flop around a bit?

How about just humming a little tune as you swim along? :-)

Friend of mine had one of these and it seemed to work pretty well for him:

The more you swim, the more boring it gets unless you swim with a team/group.

When you start getting bored in the pool, we can jump in the San Francisco Bay/Aquatic park and do laps with the sea lions. ;) You can also get one of these batman wet suits:

Let me know if you need some workouts to break things up a bit. e.g 100yd warm up, 100 yard kick, 100 yard pull 4 x25 drill, 25 swim, 2x400 level 5, 2x200 level 7, 2x 400 level 5, 100yds non-free cool down

Where do you get your workouts or do you just swim for an hour?

I just ordered the Kiefer one. I'll let you know how it goes. ;-)

A was just cranking out 2.5 km in about 1:15 or so with some little rests. My friend emailed me and told me that was a bit silly so last night I did: 400m slow crawl, 400m kick board, 400m pulls, swam for about an hour, then did a few laps slow as a cool down after I got tired. I think this whole affair took about 1.5 hours with a total of 1:15 or so of swimming.

I probably should get a coach/trainer/friend to help me with my form though. I don't think it's that great.

Tell the gym owner that his gym has been chosen as a trial site for the fitness music experiment and hand him a set of CDs to be played over their sound system.

LOL @ Don Park.

You're going to love the Kiefer player. I don't go to the pool without mine and I don't know how I lived without it!

So how did the SwiMP3 player work out? Was it in the way? Did the earplugs fall out?

I would recommend the cases from Otterbox:

They also have waterproof headphones.

Joi: My brother has been using the SwiMP3 for a year and a half, he highly recommends them.


As my brother Jorge posted, I have been a user of the SwiMP3 goggles for a year and a half and I am addicted to them. There is no earplugs, insted they use a couple of speakers that in contact with your cheekbone allows you to hear the music with surprising clarity and range.

Since the player is cleverly attached to the goggles (it comes with a pair of good quality but you replace them for many popular ones), you completely forget about the machine and are free to swim any stroke.

The link to the manufacturer is

I own th 128MB version but understand there is a 256MB version now and recommend choosing it.

SwiMP3 has been a great motivator that has kept me swimming constantly.


Two points:

Good form means you can swim farther with less effort. In that sense it is useful, but not absolutely necessary, for getting a good workout, but will definitely help you swim faster.

You don't need a kickboard for kicking. My opinion is that it puts your body out of correct position. Just stretch your arms out in front of you and take a occasional stroke on one side or the other when you need a breath. Relating back to good form, whatever gets you through the water fastest=good form so don't let a kickboard interfere with practicing streamlining - hands together in front, arms along the side of your head. Hold that position as long as possible when you push off the wall.

Sounds funny that you need to catch up on your music. Now there's a thing I though no one would feel like they were lagging behind - relaxing. How about catching up on silence, the sounds of the natural elements, nothingness, the movements of your body, thought... Be a sport and stay in the world for a while - just the one world.

Have a nice swim

Neat. I'm going to order one now. Thanks Gen.

Hey Joi, Engadget also just mentioned the Dolphin waterproof player...