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One big bonus of this whole foods vegan diet that I'm on is that my kitchen is clean. No more dead animals in my trash, just left over plant parts. No more oil on my plates either so washing dishes is a snap.

I've also begun toting my food around. My knapsack is full of baggies of raw vegetables and fruit and I can easily set up a meal anywhere I go. It feels (and looks) a bit "wild" but is quite functional. I finally have a real reason to carry a pocket knife around now too. ;-)


That must make airport security checks fun! :)

Mooooo! Watch out, that cow is holding a Quel'Serrar!

Hey Joi, have you seen the Vegan Lunchbox blog?

Lots of recipes, vegan, not raw foods but it does feature bento-style packing and preparation.

If you stayed in one place you could join a CSA. Mine is and it's a cool program. Organic, local, picked the day before fruits and veggies (and eggs) from a small farm that delivers to me via a bio-diesel truck is pretty cool.

Anyway, they have a stand at the Saturday Ferry Market in San Francisco.

Can you take a new photo of the content of your bags!?


I did a veg diet before. I don't believe that you have no oils on your plate. Vegans crave fat. Don't tell me you are getting fat from just nuts. You need to cook with oils: coconut,walnut,avocado,sesame,grapeseed.... all these are types of oils.

Try fried plaintains (platanos) with red hot sauce, nice and yummy :-) and very addicting.

What brand/type of pocket knife do you use?

Another nice thing about good fresh veggies is the scraps make for great compost. Or chicken feed. :-)

For home composting, there are lots of good products on the market, including small bins for your kitchen to store your scraps before you put them into your bigger bin outside. The bigger bins sometimes have a simple method for turning them over. The really fancy ones have a forced-air system for maintaining an aerobic process. (faster and hotter, which kills seeds and pathogens)

At the Square Peg Ranch, we'll be installing big system this spring, designed with advice from the folks from O2 Compost ( ). Check it out. Their site has some good information. Of course, with about 15 horses "feeding" the system, ours will be a lot bigger than what someone might need for their home garden.


Rey, I'm not sure what knife Ito is using, but I'm carrying a Fällkniven U2 folder. It looks rather plain but it packs a powdered steel blade, which is one of the highest quality steels you can get for a folder. Fällkniven, of course, is Swedish, the blade is Japanese. The U2 weighs 42 gram and slips into the smallest of places (think: old iPod shuffle).

I've been experimenting with various pocket knives. I'm going to take a look at the Fällkniven. ;-)

Joi: hang around on the Fällkniven Forum on for a little while. Even the owner of the Fällkniven-company, Peter, is posting on this forum.

This thread is on the U2: