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I got my SwiMP3 a few days ago and have used it three times so far. I had been using Dolphin mp3 player recently.

They are very different devices. Both of them mount as an external drive on my Mac and both only play mp3. (No iTunes music store for you!) The Dolphin has earbuds that double as ear plugs, but the rubber buds tend to fall off and I've almost lost them a few times. The SwiMP3 uses bone conduction. The bone conduction works fairly well, but is weak on the high-end compared to the Dolphin. The SwiMP3 also tends to be audible from the outside when you have it jacked up enough to groove to.

One other problem I've had is that Japanese pools tend to be more crowded and stuffy about things like no-jewelry rules and caps. I have a feeling I'm going to be told that I can use them. So far I've been sneaking them in.

Overall, the experience of listening to music in the pool is relaxing and fun. However, it does sort of distract me when I'm trying to focus on fixing my stroke.

Has anyone tried any of the other under-water music players for swimming?

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I've never used any kind of underwater headphones, but ever since you posted about listening to the Orb on them, I've wanted to check some out!

That photo makes it look like a sleepy たれぱんだ. I can imagine he enjoys the freedom/laziness being a water music player allows him. ^_^

seems to me the key part in the SwiMP3 is the bone conduction part. They should make a version which is just that, with a regular audio jack, and provide a water-proof iPod nano case that similarily straps onto the back of your head...

review tasukarimassu. kanojo ni tanomare Dolphin no review sagashiteita tokoro desu.

shikamo wikipedian? oira no tomodachi mo taipei ni itteruyo.