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I feel like this tree - lots of branches that are heavy and overextended.
Base of the plum tree

I wish I felt more like this rock.
Saturated Rock


I love your new found solitary introspectivness!
Perhaps you could look at it differently, Joi. Think of the Tree upside down. The branches, not coming from the base of the tree, but all leading to it. Just like the many different paths that you can take to the summit of a mountain. The beauty of your mind, your curiosity and openess, leads to you to explore many paths at the same time with the different people travelling on these paths. I think that they will all ultimately converge in you and you will reach the base of the tree or the top of the mountain and it is there where you will find your rock. Meanwhile, enjoy the journey.

I prefer to be the ground.

I feel the same way too :(

I feel the same way too :(

or, think of the branching tree with it's roots also spreading and going deeper into the ground?