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From Thich Nhat Hanh

in, out
deep, slow
calm, ease
smile, release
present moment, wonderful moment


Very cool...

Is that a poem formally titled "Breathing Poem" or is that just the title of this blog post? I'm just trying to avoid attributing it incorrectly...

It's from Thich Nhat Hanh's The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching but he makes it sound like it's part of the Discourse on the Full Awareness of Breathing... but it's not exactly clear.

Very nice - only the moment matters.

I have aged greatly by living too much in the past and worrying too much about the future


That's awesome. I got tripped up by all the syllables in 'present moment, wonderful moment', though. So I'm taking, um, creative liberty with the last line to dumb it down for myself :)

in, out
deep, slow
calm, ease
smile, release
now, wow

Nice. ;-)

that's not a poem. it's words. a bit like a rhyming mnemonic for an exercise class.
now tell me, what is it you actually love?

why isn't it a poem? A poem might involve reflection. reflection a power, using mind, involves opening to conscience and concerns transcendental reality of life situation, or dialogue that goes somewhere with a spiritual being. A lesser poem might just involve a nasty memory shaped by the writers' prejudice. An even lesser poem might be description of nature, with a longing for more of the same endless beauty that our author just happens to be privileged to notice, whilst we don't.

The words you offered attempt to be a verse, an element of a poem. they appear to take you somewhere, journey, transcendence. But it is is a recipe for transcendence, not transcending. In fact, I do not believe there any recipes for transcendence, though recipes may inspire you towards such a happening. That's like saying meditation is this and you get that for the effort. Do meditation instead of being afraid of getting lost, or overpowered.
Meditation is just being still enough to give room for a conscience - or should i say real intelligence. But it's not trying to be still, or even being still. Meditation has to be in action. So there is no meditation, unless its focussing on something. But that 's not transcendence, it's your memory: It has no stuff of life, no real, and it's you doing it so you'll fool yourself.

At best , meditation is a training, for facing real life or reality (which is great, then). It's not an avenue leading anywhere: no journey, no way.
Control over breathing is ok. It's powerful, but breath awareness and breathing irregularity is a consequence not a cause of being. It is not transcendental activity to watch the breath, or gain strength by doing so. You have not advanced, a powerful demon can breath well, or it loses power.

Cool, nice, only the moment matters: Everything matters and nothing matters, to be precise.
The moment is the past, there is only eternal. No need to chop time up. Time is eternal, and doesn't exist, but as an illusion. Illusions are lovely - we can enjoy them.

now, wow: excellent R. Gunning. (I hope you're not on acid)

ps (breath as consequence of being). oh , and i find one has to relinquish control over breath in order to actually live truthfully.