A very generous sponsor will donate $100,000 to iCommons if we can raise a matching grant of $100,000 in just 7 days. Powered by our amazing community of bloggers around the world, we’re going to do just that by getting 21 Visionary Patrons to each name one of the base camps on the way to the Summit for $3,000 - taking us up 21 base camps to reach the $63,000 Summit (our sister organisation, Creative Commons, is raising the rest). Each base camp on this epic journey will be named after the sponsor, and sponsors will be able to display buttons indicating their support of this wonderful event.
More information on the iCommons site. Your help on this would be greatly appreciated. Please spread the word.


Madeleine McCann Missing in Portugal Have you seen her?

McCann de Madeleine perde em Portugal

Good sponsors at you. At us in Russia such is not present

Joi, we're trying to register to participate, but the registration system is not really functional, sending us to URLs that don't work and contact addresses that bounce.

Rik, you have created a user on the Pentabarf. Just go back to http://icommons.pentabarf.org/register, click on link to login and login with your username: panganiban and whatever password you have entered. That should work.

Tnx for bug report.

Thanks for the quick turnaround!

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