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I got my Neti Pot today. Neti Pot is the Himalayan Institute version of the pot used for Jala Neti, a yoga practice where you pour a saline solution in one nose and out the other to clean your nasal passages. My sister Mimi turned me onto the Neti Pot. I was complaining to her about my allergies. I though that my newfound friendship with plants had rid me of them, but they hit me hard recently as I've started to spend more and more time in the garden. Mimi told me that she and Luna haven't gotten nasal allergies since they started doing Neti Pot.

Anyway, I tried it today and it was awesome. I think I put too much salt in the first batch and it burned a bit, but after I got the balance right, it felt great. Not sure what else to say. I'll let you know if they cure my allergies. I guess the reason I'm blogging about it is that I didn't really know much about it until Mimi told me about it. I could imagine easily going through life without actually trying it - which would have sucked. So I thought I'd mention it here after reading a rather vivid blog post about it. ;-)



Heh. That's some funny stuff!

It's great... I'm using the Scandinavian equivalence ( sporadically since a few years, and it helps a great deal against my spring allergiees.

I am tempted to say that any pot is good pot.

I've been doing something similar for years, but without any special equipment: I just fill a glass with tepid water (a mixture of boiled and fresh) and add sea salt until the salinity is about the same as my tears. Then I 'drink' it through each nostril in turn.

Personally, I still find Loratadine tablets a more effective hayfever remedy, but nasal irrigation does help.

When you say drink it, do you mean that you snort it or do you pour it in like in jala-neti?

Snorting isn't thought to be as effective as it doesn't shift as much mucus. (And shifting mucus which has trapped allergens is the main aim of nasal irrigation for those with allergies.)

pharmacies sell a version that uses a plastic squeeze bottle, which is good if you're traveling, or of you prefer that 'functionality'. Either way, it beats the other yoga method of using string. ouch/ew.

Congratulations on the acquisition of your second nose! :)

Joi - did you also buy the himalayan institute salt or are using your own?

I bought their salt, but I think I'll experiment with other stuff too.

Jumped over here from the 23C3 video, btw. Very interesting from a fellow WoW'ers perspective.

I hadn't heard of a Neti pot either until I watched an Oprah episode with Dr. Oz. I'm not sure if they used distilled water or tap water with the salt. I'd guess it's personal preference. I don't have allergies, but I'd think anything that would help to curb ones use of medications would be a plus. As a whole, I believe society is over-medicated as it is. I have a friend with allergies and I intend to query him on his knowledge of the pot.

oh hilarious stuff ! I'm going to get me a "neti pot" and find out what kind of creatures live inside my sinus. So where can I buy this pot in Japan ?
Hey we can start a Net Pot Flickr group!

You then progress to the next stage in the ayurvedic self cleansing process.. enemas. Or weekly purges with castor oil.

Seriously, there's a bunch of things that sound interesting and healthy but should only be done once in a while and preferably under medical supervision. Dont do the "as seen on TV" version of ayurveda, you'll regret it.

I've started to eventually learning the process. The temperature (40-42C, YMMV) and the percentage of salt (0.9%, YMMV) in the water are the important factors. I tried putting cold water into my nose but all I got was unpleasant and bad feelings. I've been suffering from chronic sinustis/allergies so I hope the whole Jala Neti will help me getting rid of it.

My yogi brother has been working on Yogi's Nosebuddy for a couple of years .. I can safely say that this is THE version for all you weary people of the world.

The link is - enjoy.

Looks pretty cool. The online ordering requires an international wire transfer though. :-(

Can someone tell me where I can find a Neti Pot in Dubai-United Ara b Emirates.