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Lawrence Lessig

Larry blogs that:

Last Free Culture lecture, first thought about what to do about political corruption

So this Thursday, January 31, at 1:00pm, at Memorial Auditorium on the Stanford Campus (directions) (map), I will be giving my last lecture about "Free Culture." The event is a bit staged (literally), as it is being sponsored by an entity making a film about these issues, and they want the lecture to use in the film. But the venue is beautiful, and I will also use the opportunity to map out one plan for addressing the problem of "corruption" (as I've described it) in politics. I've now finished a draft of the talk; for those who have seen me speak before, it is new (almost completely new -- maybe 1% are must have slides from the past). For those who haven't seen me speak before, it will be a nice map of where this debate has been, and where I think I want to go. Any questions about logistics, send an email here.

I'll be there. If you're in the area, please come. It should be an important/great talk.

Daily Kos speculates that Larry should run for Congress and is running a poll. 83% are saying yes as of this posting. ;-)


I'm saying, "No". No one has ever changed the "Culture of Corruption" in Washington by running for Congress (or getting elected) and no one will. I'm hoping Lessig does something brilliant and subversive and educational -- like Creative Commons. (I'm one of the two polled, so far, who have chosen "No, what kind of communist are you, communist?" :))

I wonder if we can get a few Mozilla folks to go.

The Daily Kos' poll is far from objective, though. You can't vote No if you think that Larry running for Congress will actually make it harder for him to fight corruption.