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George Lucas and JJ Abrams - Photoshopped
Photoshopped version of my photo by unknown artist - I do not own the copyright to this derivative work

George Lucas and JJ Abrams
The original image

It was awhile ago, but someone sent me a photoshopped version of my photo of George Lucas and JJ Abrams. I can't seem to find the email. I'd like to contact the artist to ask for permission to use it and ask them to license it under a CC license. I'd also like to provide attribution. If you sent me the photo and are reading this, can you leave a comment or send me an email? If you know who did this, let me know too.


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Mr. Ito,

I am the artist who photoshopped your original B&W photograph of George Lucas and JJ Abrams.

I have just sent you an email regarding this matter.