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I've been wondering whether I should start blogging again. Twitter satisfied so much of my "updating" needs and I had become so busy that it was easy to stop blogging. It seemed that blog comments also lost their momentum as people took to Twitter to chat and hang out around trending topics.

However, as the years of not blogging have started to pile up, more and more of my thoughts are no longer online. Back in the day, I blogged nearly everything so giving someone my perspective on any topic required only that I copy/paste a URL into a chat window or an email.

These days I have to write a long-winded reponse or find a video of a talk or an interview. Videos tend to be 80% repetitive and difficult to scan or segment. The interviews are also repetitive and short.

As I begin what is might be the biggest transition in my life in my new role as the Director of the MIT Media Lab, it seems like my blog would be a good place to document my thoughts through this transition.

I'm not going to promise anything, but I'm going to make an effort to blog more frequently and try to get my "blog voice" back. Maybe I should read my own tips about blogging that I wrote back in 2005. ☺ And I'll try to stop blogging about blogging.


Yes please! o/

Good news! Welcome back!

Well I would have loved too see you commenting about the march 11 aftermath.
Especially interesting in my eyes would be what you think about the way Masayoshi Son involved himself in that, which has been very little discussed in the west.
Actually, a little search about it has now led me to the Yoshi Hori/Masayoshi Son debate, which ensures I get a serious fix on the current Japanese energy discussions. And OK, maybe discussing the MIT Media Lab will be less emotionally and politically charged for you :-)

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Thanks a bunch.


Although your Tweets are great, I look forward to your more verbose posts. Congrats on your selection as the Director of MIT Lab, they develop and incubate wonderful things. Let me know if you need me to replace you in Dubai!

G+ please

Blogging about blogging is cool! Your 2005's 5 tips too, and help you satisfied #4. I can’t wait for #5 now!


I find it rather strange when you say you have a bunch of answers and are looking for the question. Follow a bunch of quantum mechanics stuff and all that; have these ground breaking ideas though for current concepts. Some are really simple. A nuclear fusion reaction, a nuclear reaction; both share alpha particle dispersion. Lots of other stuff happens too, but why do we convert nuclear reactions to heat, rather then use the molecular energy as power?

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I think of things like using the electro magnetic force in a vacuum to force 2 molecules together for fusion, perhaps triggered by a laser? I also have some strange idea for neutrino energy, even though everyone thinks it has no energy; which simply I don't think is true. No one is looking at the right particles as energy, the transfer of molecules is energy, the energy present in the thin air, let alone nuclear fission. I see all this work done smashing particles and analysis of all the data to only confirm molecules exist.

My question to you, is those people knew those molecules existed long before they could see them. They just knew it to be true, right? They used math to verify it? I don't think so. A bunch of those earlier physic's models and math, seem to just came out of their minds, and magically was true. Well I guess they thought it was possible, then they made logic of it with math. All I'm saying is there is more to this World then meets the eye.

It might be impossible for me to get involved in these projects somehow, but I'm trying my best too. Crazy world, but I've always felt like I needed to do something really important and I think this is the most important thing that needs to happen in the World. Psychics is funny, sometimes it's like you have to destroy and old view to make a new one? Changing the way nuclear reactions are utilized, surely would be of that nature.

But you're so good at blogging about blogging! :(

We really hope that you post more often,we love your articles! And welcome back!

Hey!We would really like if you would start blogging again.We like your posts on Twitter,but we want more .So come back,Joi! You are a wonderful person!