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This is an entry for readers of Joi Ito's Web to comment freely. Please drop in and introduce yourself, introduce your blog, comment about things generally or about things that don't fit in other entries.

This is an experiment. There is a debate about whether comments in blogs are good. They tend to increase noise, but also provide more "inclusiveness". I am getting more and more private email that I think would be appropriate for a more public section of my blog. Having said that, I think the ultimate future is that everyone has a blog and we all talk on our own blogs. Until then, I think having a comments section to draw more people into blogging is probably a good thing.

So, comments about this idea as well as just general comments are welcome. I'm naming this "Spring '03 Salon" in case I need to create a new entry after it gets too long.

PS I first saw the quarterly "Salon" item used on The Meta Network

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