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This is JoiIto's Old Wiki running MoinMoinWiki. Please, add your thoughts.

Joi's Wiki has moved to [WWW]a new SocialText wiki

Good, you might want to turn off this wiki soon, it is being hit by spammers every single day. I couldn't access the socialtext wiki though. Maybe someone could install from [MoinMoin]AntiSpamGlobalSolution, even during transition to the new wiki it would be nice to quell the spam here.

Trying to figure out if/how to migrate stuff from this wiki. This wiki will be maintained until we sort this out. Please add any new pages to the new wiki. Apologies for having to learn new punctuation, etc. -- JoiIto

If you want to mess around and learn how to format and edit pages, first try the SandBox. You can edit that page in any way you like. The SandBox also has links to some help pages.

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I just don't get what a Wiki is. Any sites that I can visit to read a clear description? RegularItoBlogReader

Wikis sort of defy clear description. Fundamentally, "all" a wiki is is a web site where anyone can edit the pages. The interesting part comes from how people use them. But [WWW]Ward'sWiki: WhyWikiWorks is a good place to start trying to figure these things out.

That was a useful place to learn about Wikis. Also the fact that I could post my comment and get feedback helped me in understanding the Wiki by use. Now I would like to find out how I could purchase/procure the Wiki s/w to install in the intranet at my company as good a collaborative/feedback tool. Any well known vendors? RegularItoBlogReader

The same site has [WWW]Ward'sWiki: RunningYourOwnWikiFaq. There are lots of different wiki software packages out there.


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* [WWW]0020 - Info about Chinese web blog designs.