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  1. Some definitions:
  2. Upcoming
  3. What about MetaBlogs?
  4. Who Is in the Hood?
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Some definitions:

http://joi.ito.com/archives/images/wdrj-thumb.jpg My most recent presentation about weblogs is here in [WWW]a 12MB keynote file or [WWW]a 32MB PDF file
[WWW]"More Than Personal: The Impact of Weblogs", an editorial by StephenDownes
[WWW]Logged and Blogged -- Community Coverage of WWW2003 12 Annual WWW Conference in Budapest, Hungary
[WWW]BlogTalk -- A European Weblog Conference in Vienna, Austria resulted in bloggers blogging from Blog Talk:

Links provided by David Weinberger

TimothyAppnel on [WWW]Web Services, Weblogs and the Future.
DonPark on the [WWW]nature of blogging
PeterFriedman asks [WWW]"What is NOT a weblog?"
DaveTaylor on [WWW]What makes for a good blog?"
[WWW]Backlash Coming: Don't Blog A thought-provoking piece that Phil Wolff wrote for fun.



[WWW]Supernova Web Page

Confirmed speakers for Supernova 2003 include:

We'll be having a PartyInDC030708 during Supernova as well.

What about MetaBlogs?

We already have seen MetaWikis, such as:

See [WWW]"Austinbloggers", which collects posts that Austin bloggers make about Austin, and [WWW]"Weblog Business Strategies Conference" -- AdinaLevin

I have got an RSS Feed for [WWW]JavaBlogs. It is a great way to get an idea of current Java Development.

Who Is in the Hood?

Biz Blogs

[WWW]Weblog Business Strategies June 9-10, 2003, Boston, MA, USA

Blogging about the Jupiter conference:

*Note: Martin Ršll makes various translations of his weblog available by means of [WWW]worldlingo. For instance, if you want an English, French, etc. translation, just click the related flag located in the upper right hand corner of the page.

[WWW]klogs is a [WWW]Yahoo group about workplace blogging.