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Archived for posterity *October 9, 2003*.

This is JoiIto's Wiki running MoinMoinWiki. Please, add your thoughts.

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    I just don't get what a Wiki is. Any sites that I can visit to read a clear description? RegularItoBlogReader

    Wikis sort of defy clear description. Fundamentally, "all" a wiki is is a web site where anyone can edit the pages. The interesting part comes from how people use them. But [WWW]Ward'sWiki: WhyWikiWorks is a good place to start trying to figure these things out.

    That was a useful place to learn about Wikis. Also the fact that I could post my comment and get feedback helped me in understanding the Wiki by use. Now I would like to find out how I could purchase/procure the Wiki s/w to install in the intranet at my company as good a collaborative/feedback tool. Any well known vendors? RegularItoBlogReader

    The same site has [WWW]Ward'sWiki: RunningYourOwnWikiFaq. There are lots of different wiki software packages out there.


    On Joi Ito Wiki


    JCAntunes Emocracy is a new vote system created before seeing this site. Emergent Democracy seams to have copied ideas of Emocracy-Rule by Human Emotion, maybe not but it is important to read what is EMOCRACY! "Thematic Emocracy would emerge and increase" [WWW]