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Diets & Exercise Routines:

Following on from Joi's blog entries about diet and exercise I thought it might be interesting to discuss what kind of exercising we all do (or don't!)

My Current Routine: Monday - run 30mins low intensity / Tuesday - off / Wednesday - run 45mins med intensity / Thursday - off / Friday - run 45 mins low intensity / Saturday - off / Sunday - run 60-90mins low intensity

I always follow a hard/easy routine with my running. I also cycle everyday to and from wherever I possibly can. All exercise is done wearing a [WWW]Polar Heart Rate Monitor and I always keep a training diary - I'm actually making a Flash/PHP version of it at the moment - mail me if you'd like to try it out when it's done...

I don't have any caffeine (the hardest thing to do - I used to be a real coffee freak) or sugar. I eat mainly veggie or fish. That's about it. Since last Nov I've lost 3 1/2 stone (49lbs).

Any other routines people are following? I'm interested to see how 'professionals' are fitting this kind of thing into their busy lives... --[WWW]Pete