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By the way, my blog is at -- JoiIto

I wonder if this is a stupid idea? -- JoiIto 2003-04-19

I don't think so at all, I'm working on something similar myself -- MichaelFagan

Wiki entries are not chronological like blog entries. Maybe it would be better to have a wiki for each category, and then route the blog entries for that category to show up on the same page as the wiki in a sidebar or something. If you're trying to aggregate content snippets that you hunt down throughout the web, you can blog them, and then the wiki folks can integrate the snippets one by one into the encompassing wiki document. Even cooler if you could mark each of the blog entries as successfully incorporated or not. -- CurtSiffert

How about automatically appending a link from the wiki page back to the weblog entry (as i have done by hand below). You might want to TrackBack your post to the wiki channel on Topic Exchange to get more input. Finally, there's a plug-in for MovableType that renders WikiWords as links to your wiki (assuming you like MT enough to not switch to pyblosxom, which integrates nicely with MoinMoin, or to use MoinMoin's own weblog capability). --JohnAbbe

This blog is really wonderful,it look very smart,I visit it neary every day.

Two statements caught my attention while scanning this morning:

  1. A statement by David Mattison in [WWW]"Quickiwiki, Swiki, Twiki, Zwiki and the Plone Wars,", Information Today 11(4), April 2003:

  2. A statement by Tiernan Ray in [WWW]"Why Blogs Haven't Stormed the Business World," April 29, 2003:

I created a plugin for MovableType that lets your MoinMoin wiki format your blog entries. See the [WWW]MoinMT page and this [WWW]sample post. --DougHolton

Hey Joi, I just had a Google GMail message show up pointing at this page, odd and nifty. --EdwardVielmetti

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